Friday, August 22, 2014


This was written in 2009 on my parent's 44th wedding anniversary. I thought it fitting to post again, updating the years and a few other details, as little has changed in five years.


Forty-nine years of marriage. That is what my parents celebrate today.

Engagement Party, 1965
These two are a great fit because they are alike in many ways. They both come from Italian immigrant families who remained married regardless of how miserable they may have been. Both agree on a traditional marital agreement. Dad works. Mom spends the money. Both enjoy gambling, so they get away to Las Vegas and The Chumash Casino, in the name of love. Neither of these two can handle mastering any kind of technology. From HDTV’s, cell phones, laptop computers and IPOD’s,  they insist that they just don’t "get it." They're right. 
My father has owned a successful company for 45 years, but that old dinosaur refuses to buy a business computer. Technology scares him, as does reading any sort of 
directions to figure things out. Mom is the same way.
Their first casa
 Both are most comfortable with their generation’s simple ways and they detest change. Both love being around immediate family and adore their three grandsons. These two love the movies. Neither loves to travel or read, but both love to eat out. Well, just eat, in or out. 
Differences are a good thing and these two have plenty. Mom loves to shop and spend money; Dad refuses to shop and likes to save. Mom is a devoted Catholic; I don’t know what Dad is. Mom loves to attend funerals and weddings. My dad, not so much. Mother lives to entertain, my Dad lives for sports, Scrabble and playing cards. Mom is patient, Dad has been a patient; having two heart attacks and knee replacement. He is always in a rush; he walks, eats and gets angry faster than Mom. Mom loves to share anything with anybody while Dad is more cautious, but generous just the same.
Primitive Love
 My Mother can spend days to weeks with her only sister. My dad could never do that with Mom’s sister or his own, for that matter, may she rest in peace. Dad tends to wear a uniform of sorts; shorts and a T-shirt, every day. Really. Every day. Mom spices her wardrobe up, but never, ever wears shorts and a T-shirt.
  They share some common interests, but can still do their own thing. They share friends, yet both have their own buddies. They share the occasional hug, kiss and argument. They still share a bed and bank account. They are comfortable doing things separately and it always results in one missing the other. They still share some sort of connection after 49 years. Although, I don’t always understand it.
 I am thankful that in a world of divorce and quick splits these two have managed to stay together and drive each other crazy. 
Keep it up Mom and Dad - 
Next year is the big 5-0! 
You got this!
Happy 49th Anniversary!

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