Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Welcome to July

Did I just read that correctly?
My last post was in February and now we are in July?
Jeez Louise!
My first thought is “Lo Siento!” Translated, "I'm sorry!" in Spanish. Were you wondering if I still "think" in Spanish? Si. 
Loads of happenings, “great” and "eh," have occurred the last five months. I'll take time explaining this million mile journey one step at a time.
This past weekend was a BIG one, July 4th! After all ... It’s still this "All-American's Girl’s" favorite holiday. This year our neighbor constructed a stage/PA system in the middle of our cul-de-sac and invited a few bands to play, including Lucas'. So, we had a full blown block party with three hours of loud music followed by a fantastic fireworks show enjoyed from our backyard.

Cousin Benson and Daniel enjoying the concert via skateboards
 I always love me some red, white and blue.
I can't explain why the band dressed like this, but they were fun to watch :) 
Daniel rocked the keyboard "Nordstrom style" before the fireworks started.
He is the perfect lounge act!
Music was the theme from start to finish and tunes strummed their way into the morning of the fifth of July.
I LOVED Listening to my guys belt out  music by the campfire Saturday morning ...
Their musical talent all comes from Teckie!
Sunday vacuuming, cleaning and returning all the borrowed items to Overboard; linens, chaffing dishes, large bowls, Uncle Sam (I could go on and on), wrapped up a memorable weekend. Please note that without Overboard, parties would not be the same. That woman is OVERLY stocked with  perfect party fixings. That is one reason why we love and appreciate our Overboard.
On Monday I woke up feeling deflated.
Party "let down," I guess.
An early morning trip to the beach helped, but still …
Admittedly, it is fun to have something to look forward to and this Block Party was a wonderful distraction from ....
From what? I don't know.
Since school ended and I have been on break, it has been stress-free-sailing around here. Ten weeks off work is THE best part of summer.
Skipping makeup application, sitting on the beach, attending a wedding in San Diego, visiting Arizona, night swimming, Big Bear and overall loafing are featured on the summer 2014 menu. All good stuff that is much appreciated.
Lounging in Arizona with SIL, Debbie, and my Pal Suzette
San Diego trip with the cousins and Miss Piggy cruising segways through Pacific Beach.
Hilarious adventure!
A fun summer is needed as the teacher I worked with up and quit, yes quit, two measly months before school ended! Note that April – June is THE busiest time and her walking out threw wrenches everywhere, tossing some kids into confusion, some parents into frustrated mode and myself and substitute teacher into The Twilight Zone.
I worked full time the last two months and haven’t done that since 1997!  Things like Costco runs, rotating laundry, cooking dinner, getting some exercise and all that other routine stuff spread their rote wings and flew out the window.  I enjoyed the creative parts of my job and the added responsibility (it’s always nice to be needed) but rejoiced that it was temporary. Working full time was a good challenge and, crazy at it sounds – it was an answer to prayer! Really :)
I will explain how AMAZING our GOD is in my next post.
There are five months of my balancing act to catch up on and I would hate to regurgitate too much on you at once...
Until then, Keep the Balance  ;)

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