Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Routine Test

Lucas and I are headed to UCLA this morning for a myocardial profusion study. That is a nuclear medicine procedure that illustrates the function of the heart muscle. His cardiologist recommended it as a routine test due to the types of heart surgeries he had seventeen years ago. Routine test sounded good to me until I googled it this morning. Why does anyone ever do that? It plants weeds in your brain that produce bad thoughts.
Reading that the test evaluates many heart conditions it caught my attention when I read "such as coronary artery disease and heart wall motion abnormalities." I suppose that is what they want to look closer at,  as his coronary arteries were replanted when he was a baby. Of course, my concerns are many, but I trust God who has only worked miracles in his life since Day One. I am not only referring to Lucas (finally) deciding to get his long hair cut last week, but most importantly the fact he has survived and thrived despite the roughest start.
"Why did you want  to cut off all  your hair Lucas?"
His answer: "It's time for me to grow up."
Miracles of miracles :)
One part I dread is driving to Los Angeles. I hate L.A. - nothing has changed there. Having to find parking and where we are supposed to go in the new medical center? No bueno. And, stupid as it sounds, I have this irrational fear that the "Big One" will shake Southern California whenever I drive to L.A. The thought hides in the corner of my brain as I crawl down the Sepulveda Pass into the smog. I am  **"Quakeaphobic" and am able to lead a normal life despite this fear. 
All I can do is place trust in God who has protected us through every congenital heart adventure and California earthquake.
Today I'll keep focused on those two little words: Routine Test.
  **This confession makes me sound like a lunatic. 

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