Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In and Out of Balance

Working with The Hospice Supper club 
keeps a certain balance in my life. 
It feels so good  give! 
The perspective it lends it priceless. 
Everyone I've met is so appreciative.

I spent half an hour with ninety-two year old Ethel and enjoyed hearing about her life. She told me about how she had her twin girls when she was forty and "back then" it was unacceptable to be pregnant at such an "old age." 
Times sure have changed!  Ethel said her dad didn't talk to her for six months because he was disgraced because, (she thinks) in her father's eyes, she was too old to have sex. She said that to me! 
Once the babies arrived he got over it.

I discovered she is hooked up to the braille library and she listens to an entire book every day. You heard that right. An entire book a day. 

She took a fall getting out of bed and had to use her Life Alert for the first time. Her walker was tangled in her throw rug. Down she went! 
 The paramedics came and helped her up. They took the rug with them. 
I could tell it was a big deal, the whole fall thing, as she went on how it wasn't her fault. Blame it on the throw rug. She's so cute!
Dad's Baby -- He parks the Shiznit  in his metal shop,
never drives it and refuses to sell it.
Go fig. 
On another note, Wrecked Rex is fixed! We pick up Lucas's car tomorrow and return the Shiznit to my Dear Old Dad. Family-car-harmony will be restored!

Lucas' UCLA heart test results arrived this afternoon 
and I have no idea how to interpret the three "Result Impressions." 
One mentions that 
"The RCA coronary artery flow reserve value is abnormal, however it is due to the increasing resting value, therefore...blah, blah, blah." 
No Comprendo! 
Until I know what it means there will be no worries
Let the problems find you, I say :)

Finally, there is mucho to cram in tomorrow with
 the car switcharoo and leaving for Big Bear.
 It's overwhelming and I am 
out of balance 
just thinking about  it.
 Feeling in and out of balance is the natural flow of life!
Right?  Das Right!

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