Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hospice Wednesday

Today is my hospice cooking day. I baked my quiche (turkey, onion and cheese), brownies then cut up watermelon  for my 92 year old friend that is blind with one arm and leg that's paralyzed due to several strokes. Despite her health issues, "Ethel" is still on top of her game mentally!  We have conversations and she asks about my job and kids. She tells me about her grandchildren and daughters. I can't believe how sharp she is! Old people love to visit and talk. I think it's because they spend so much time alone.
 I have been cooking for hospice for almost one year. In that time only one person passed and it was not due to my chicken tacos! The branch of hospice I'm involved in meets the needs of old/sick/disabled folks that are not necessarily dying tomorrow, but could use a homemade dinner/support once a week. 

If you were wondering if this quiche was made with our organic free range chicken eggs from the surviving six chickens in our coop? Then, yes!  And, they are delicious! I must add that the days of collecting fresh eggs are numbered over here. After the last chicken died from mites (gross) and Teckie had to powder all the chickens down and treat their bedding (I use that term loosely; they poop in their bed), he admitted he was growing tired of his brood. The last chicken death was about six weeks ago and I could tell he was "finished." The novelty has worn off -- finally! 
Don't get me wrong, the six in our yard are friendly chickens. Some like to be pet, like cats, and they love to eat our scraps. Last week one laid a jumbo egg that I'm almost positive is a double-yolker. It's crazy big and I don't know how she pushed that baby out!
 You can tell by the photo that Goldie and Sara still ache to feast on those fresh chickens. Sara actually licks the fence every day, like she can almost taste them. However, It looks like until they die off, they are here to stay. How long will that be? Nobody knows.  For the time being,  it works out wonderful because "Ethel"  LOVES the custom ordered quiches I deliver. 
I'll  squawk to that -- Bak, Bak!

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