Tuesday, July 8, 2014

God Opens Doors

In late March, my Teckie gently suggested I look for a way to make some extra money. What was I going to do?
 I started praying about it and asking God, "How can I do this? Please open a door."  
It's not like we were desperate for money, but we bought tickets for Maui in October, and some extra dough would help smooth out some pressure he must have been feeling. Still surprised he agreed to celebrate our 20th anniversary in a slice of paradise, I was eager to pitch in. Now here I was, brainstorming odd jobs over summer, doing temp work or really anything...
"God, how can I do this? Please open a door."
One morning in early April, I walked into class and my teacher told me that it would be her last day. I was shocked. No, really shocked and speechless. There was more going on in fourth grade than I realized and I am happy to say I didn't know about the drama that was playing out behind closed doors. Needless to say, I was asked to work full time until the end of the year to assist the substitute that was taking over. 
Prepping the class for Open House was really fun!
I easily transformed into a full time hardworking gal, dropping everything to patch together an amazing last couple months for these awesome fourth graders.
(And make some Maui money)
The Fourth Grade Words of Wisdom wall was a big hit!
 Amongst the sour lemons of her quitting, in a small corner, God was opening a door for me to make a little lemonade. It may seem like a "small thing", but the timing of it all felt like a perfectly timed blessing; something that I could NEVER have anticipated unfolded. It felt personal. A door opened.

Now there is the anticipation and planning for Maui
 and that is half the fun, right?
 Sometimes Daniel visited me in 4th grade... And not only
the times he forgot his lunch ... Loved it!
Staying married for twenty years is a BIG-EXCITING blessing/accomplishment. It’s awesome to honor our commitment with a second honeymoon and having God work out the details.
He opens doors!
He can take an unexpected-trying situation and bring out good amongst the ick.
He opens doors!
  Ya know, marriage is a three ring circus? The engagement ring.
 The wedding ring and the suffering.
Aloha :)

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