Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get Ricky Out!

My neighbor was able to take a photo of Ricky Raccoon when he visited her front yard.
Remember the "super moon" a few nights ago? It lit up the night sky like a giant light bulb -- so cool. Wild animals are extra active around here when the moon is that big and The Wiener Sisters go berserk being able to hear and see the nocturnal rodents outside. 

The doggies started barking at 4AM and I let them out the back garage door while I walked around and saw a silhouette of a huge rodent drinking from the dog's water bowl on the patio. I flipped on the light and hurriedly stepped outside to try and scare him away before my dogs made it to the backyard. This raccoon was MUCH bigger than them and could easily hurt or snack on them. 
You know how much we love The Wiener Sisters! 
I was freaking out. Adrenalin activated.
Does somebody need a hug?
That scene from Elf flashed in my head while I nervously clapped and yelled to get him to scat.  I didn't want to get too close. Ricky looked right at me, taking his sweet time leaving. 
The nerve.
I am keeping a bat by the back door to defend myself and dogs should Ricky return. What aggressive hungry raccoon  wouldn't  love to feast on some delicious hot wieners? 
 My solution?  
We'll trap him, like we do when we have opossum problems. Then, animal control can haul him off to the raccoon slammer. 
I want Ricky out of our hood for good.

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