Tuesday, July 22, 2014

From SB to Oxnard -- Life's a beach!

Bikes and Santa Barbara go together. Having our wheels this weekend made everything easier... mainly, no parking. We cruised everywhere and locked them up and went on our way to the beach, to eat, to a volleyball tournament. 
We even rode along the ocean through  Santa Barbara (SB), then through fancy Montecito neighborhoods, then along the bustling 101 Freeway (there's a safe bike path) all the way into Summerland! It was forty minutes each way and an exciting sweaty adventure. 
My favorite destination was out to the pier at sunset. 
Santa Barbara ... what an amazingly beautiful city! Teckie and I are both very thankful Lui and Miss Piggy LIVE there. In summer, there are so many tourists. It's interesting to ride around hearing all the different languages. It's like "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland! This is a city where everyone is active and it just feels plain good to be alive and immersed in all that action. A blessing for sure!
Locking up our wheels to a palm tree
It felt like Miss Piggy and I were seven again -- we lived on bikes as children.  It was our set of "wheels" and enabled us to ride to Sprouse Ritz for a candy run, or over to a friend's house to play in the sprinklers - not play video games.
Miss Piggy and  Teckie look like so happy together. 
Did I mention that this weekends jaunt up the coast was practice for our boys to stay home alone? I was anxious at first,  but we had some good conversations that lead me to believe they wouldn't t pull any shenanegans like we did when our parents left town. But still -- I had my neighbor keep an eye on the house as she catches a lot that I miss.

Like a few weeks ago when she texted me and asked if I was home. I was home on the couch (potato). Concerned, I  asked if she was okay. She went on to tell me that she just witnessed Lucas driving down the street slowly with Daniel holding on to his car riding his skateboard!  I flipped!  Boys are so reckless, I don't like to think about it. Of course, they both received a good talking to. During which, one asked, 
"How did you know?" 
"I live here." I said, as if I saw it first hand. 
They still don't know about the spy next door.
Anyways, they did fine home alone. They washed the Shiznit and The Wiener Sisters. I hoped to keep them busy because idle hands are the devils tools, no? 
Sunday we attended a beach BBQ and the weather was clear (you could almost touch the Channel Islands), water was warm and the company fabulous ("10" all the way around). We were celebrating a friends 49th birthday. This is a neighbor I grew up with playing Pirates in the backyard and acting out The Grease songs to the 8-track in my bedroom. She always got to be Olivia Newton John when we sang "You're the One That I Want." Not fair, but she was older so I had to shut up and be John Travolta. 
"I got chills, they're  multiplyin' " ...Good times :)
The birthday girl  AKA "Sandy" with my boys 
I loved getting to spend time with her friends and family and enjoy
 their beautiful house planted right on Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard.

The birthday girl's big sister was our babysitter! 
I love and cherish this family :)
The weekend was so go-go-go, that I was happy to catch up on laundry and do a million little things  in "mi casa" on Monday. Daniel spent the day at the beach surfing and Lucas was working at Overboard's house doing odd jobs. Why?

 He is paying us back for the insurance deductible from his car accident a couple weeks ago. So, before regiment band starts up, he has to bust a move and earn just $150 more dollars, then we are "square" as my dad would say. If you have any odd jobs - babysitting to gardening, please contact him.

My Monday concluded with a late evening unicycle ride. It was much easier than on Friday with the falls and puffing. The key to distance riding is consistency. That's not always easy. I want to beat myself up for not being better at it. 
But instead, I choose to put grace in those places I fall short and just be thankful that I have legs that work plus a body and mind that can keep the balance.

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