Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Five years of writing and riding

I'm sitting here, baking on the beach, wishing I had brought an umbrella and it just "clicked" that July 29th marked my fifth blogoversary. 
 Did you hear that?
 I had to hold up my hand and count fingers to make sure 2009-2014
really equals cinco anos. 
"But you have only blogged off and on for that time - so does it really count as five?" The demon nag on my shoulder says, trying to pull me down. 
Hate her.

Why yes, I have been blogging consistently on and off and on  for five straight years. Oxymoronic, I know. The way my noodle works is that I am a "binge blogger." Thoughts, ideas or life stories kaboom in my head and I am forced to stop and purge them out on paper, er, I mean keyboard. Over and over I do this for months. Then I stop.

Time passes and I find myself missing something. It feels like I am being  pulled down by that demon nag that wants me to stagnate. My way out is to write, journal and blog.  So, I purge my words for months. Then I  think  my writing stinks so I take a break, only to have life-stuff form like laundry piles on my floor that I can no longer step over.  So, I fold and organize my stuff by taking those life thoughts, stories and struggles, and putting them on paper, er-um, keyboard. It's a cycle.
This process helps me to stay balanced. 

 Back and forth, up and down, on then off.
 Like schizophrenia?  Sort of.
Which, I am not psychotic, by the way, I took the online test. 
Does that count?
 Just messin' with ya. 
 I'm none of those crazy labels, but just a regular meat-eating American, wife, mother, sister, daughter, human, doxie-lover who rides a unicycle on the side. Think french fries or coleslaw.

And, might I add, as of yesterday, I can raise my glass and "cheers" to five years of blogging!
 You see, writing and riding
are the main cogs to my balancing act.
 Yes, harmony. Both of these key elements have carried me into my 
uni-blog-cycle world.
Ah, hem.  
At this time I must give special recognition to my unicycle, Blanche, who holds me up like nothing else. She is always there for me in the living room with a scratched-up smile. That sweet thing has not complained once or said a peep about the weight I've gained.  Which is good, because if I heard my unicycle talk then psychosis is back on the table.
Here's to Five more 
 uni-blog-cycle years ahead

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