Monday, July 28, 2014

Canoeing in the Rain

It started out sunny and dry ...
It never rains in Southern California, so when we heard there was a 20% chance of rain on Sunday in the San Bernardino Mountains, we shrugged it off, applied sunscreen, packed lunch and headed to the lake. When we arrived, thunder in the distance was the backdrop to seeing the boys off in their canoes.
We all thought it would be neat to have a little rain.
 I said, a little.
Fast forward thirty minutes and what started as a slow and welcomed drip, drip, turned into a summer storm extraordinaire. Pouring rain, crashing  thunder and lighting -- it grew so heavy that we had to admit defeat while we huddled under the palapas and beach umbrellas to stay dry.

 The kids returned exhilarated and drenched from their short jaunt in the welcomed, but untimely rain. They knew if they saw lightening nearby that they had to return to shore! The troops help load up as we headed back to Robin Hood Street to eat our picnic lunch inside. I am happy that "Captain Johns" honored our rental, so we will try again tomorrow.

Back at the cabin severe thunder storms loomed on top of our heads and heavy rained pour down like Niagara Falls ... reminding us that we were not in Kansas anymore. Part of me wanted to sip hot chocolate and build a fire, but it is summer and not near "fire-and-hot-cocoa-cold outside."  It just sounded that way with all that racket in the clouds. I had to retreat outside and sit closer to this tropical storm because the guitars and ukuleles were getting loud; the cabin was alive with the sound of music. It sounded lovely, but I could no longer hear the falling rain or reoccurring thunder due to concert like conditions in the cabin.
Fast forward to Monday ...
After a night of playing Taboo and watching the Lego Movie (which I highly recommend for family entertainment - clean and so, so funny) we returned to Captain John's Fawn Harbor late this morning. There was some sunshine and huge amounts of boy energy that needed to bust out. The boys LOVED the kayaks and canoes and I kept thinking of Huck Finn, and the  simple joy that nature provides. What a fun day for them and for us parents sitting dry on the shore reading and lounging. 
 This was our last stop on the Big Bear vacation circuit
and I look forward to sharing more pictures.
 For now? Back to life, back to reality.

These two really enjoy being together now that
they are both teenagers. They are not only brothers, but friends.
 It's a joy to watch them grow up!
 I'm meeting with the new fourth grade teacher this week. Yes, back to work and prepping the class for the next batch of fourth graders to show up in about a month. 
Right now I just can't imagine the hustle of a school and work schedule. It's seems like it will be impossible to wake up early and be productive in that way. But, the time will come and I trust a boost of energy will arrive with it.

Here is a photo from our mountain bike ride,  my favorite day of the trip.
Oh, and when we went to the candy store in the village and loaded up on oodles of
overpriced candy. Why was that so fun?
As for the present? It is the gift of now ... and a super memory of canoeing in the pouring rain with booming thunder one summer afternoon.
These are the days we'll remember :)

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