Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big Bear Day Two

Blogging at you live from the McDonalds in Big Bear (free wi-fi).  I want to grab this opportunity to catch  ya'll up on our latest adventure.
The Wiener Sisters did NOT Like us leaving home again. They saw us packing and started to strategize. Just like before, they both climbed in our car and parked their long cans on the floorboards, hoping we would not notice and leave with them. Nice try, girls.
 Also, disregard the "y'all" in the second opening sentence -- we are NOT in the south, but  tucked high up, 6500 feet, in the San Bernardino mountains in Big Bear (BB). We arrived on Thursday and settled into our A-frame cabin on Robin Hood Street high up in the mountains. I brought my American flag to hang proud. Not pictured here :)
On Friday, we rented mountain bikes and cruised ALL OVER BB... from the ski area of Mt. Summit (killer ride up that left one kid in tears) all the way to the bike path along the lake -- just lovely!  Of course, we made a stop at 7-11 for slurpees. It was a active, great day and we were all very tired. Pictures are not available at this time. Coming soon.

I Love it here! If only I could afford a cabin and have our first names carved out in wood hanging next to our address number, and a three-foot-wood-carved black bear with a trout hanging from his  mouth on the porch to welcome folks. 
I can only dream.
Today we did a big hike up to "Castle Rocks" on the North Shore.  It was all up hill, like a stair master, and when we finally arrived at the tipppy-top, you had to rock climb to get this beautiful sight that my Teckie is showcasing. 
My boys climbed up and LOVED the thrill of adventure. I hung back and ate an apple and took a lot of pictures that I can't download at this junction. But here are the kids, stopping on the way for some practice climbing ...  I can only imagine how scary and awesome it was to climb up there and see Big Bear Lake with a birds eye view. 
I have to sign off now and leave much to your imagination. I am tight for time - no other friends here are blogging and  they want to go on with this Saturday night. The nerve.
Some Highlights so far?
  I will note  that it rained while we BBQ-ed this afternoon (at last) and we have been smothered in tons of live music. Everyone brought their guitar or ukelele (sans me) and it has been a festival of game playing and blues tunes for the last 48 hours.
 I will note that I love the bed Teckie and I are sharing. It has a huge valley in it and Teckie and I can not  help but be EXTRA close at night.  At home, with that old mattress of ours, there are two carved in valleys and we rarely touch! I realized that we need a new mattress.
 Not complaining, just saying. 

Tomorrow is kayak rental day at the lake. 

Spending time smothered in Mother Nature ....  I can't think of a better way to keep the balance; besides recycling. Because... we should be at least be a tad green in some area of our lives. At the very least there should be no tossing our trash out the window like we did in the 70's. Shameful.

Last thought... so sorry the photos here are GINORMOUS. I don't know how to fix that sort of thing on my ipad. Until we meet again, 
Keep the balance and reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

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