Thursday, July 31, 2014

Big Bear Bikes

Enjoy some photos from our Big Bear Bike Adventure!
I am a fan of the helmet, but realize that it looks fashionable on no one.
We rode down these really cool old wood bridges
This photo reminds me of the VonTrapp Family when the children wore play clothes made from old curtains, then
they joyfully rode bikes all around Salzburg. 
"....And having a mahhhvelous time" as Maria described it.
The Captain was not happy.
We had to take a rest stop or two...
A True Rocky Mountain High :)
Our first day the boys played together. I am so thankful for music and their God given talents. Also-- grateful for healthy bodies and working legs that can ride mountain bikes. I don't ever want to take the little things for granted, because if they were taken away they would feel like BIG things.
God is good, all the time :)

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