Thursday, July 10, 2014

Accidents and Heart Tests always get meee doooown...

I know, I know!
The Karen Carpenter tune sings
 "Rainy days and Mondays always get meee doooown."
 But Unicycle Rose could not resist revamping the title to fit this post. Why?
Yesterday was one of "those days."
Thankfully, I have not experienced a bad one in a looooong time. It started with our UCLA visit; traffic, crazy drivers, running late, totally lost, stressed out. UCLA is a miserable goliath of a zoo. Or, that is how it felt. We were wandering in the middle of campus; people everywhere, and note that I am not a Big City Girl.
That place is THE melting pot of L.A - it was a cultural experience with a jillion people at every turn giving us wrong directions.

We arrived at the Nuclear Medicine department five minutes late (12:35), only to be told that our appointment was at 11:00, not 12:30.

 I was like "NOOOOO, it was at 12:30. I'm postitive.  I talked to Jessica on this date at this time and blah, blah, blah."
Thankfully, I had brought my calendar which is the priceless blueprint of our entire life. I asked to use the bathroom, mostly to regain my composure and shed a frustrated tear -- I felt  tense as I started consciously recalling Lucas after his second open heart-surgery, bad flash back, and then I realized...
 "Wait, THIS is NOT open-heart surgery!
Not even close ...This is NOTHING! We got this."
It's all about perspective, right?

There was definitley a miscommunication and the bottom line was that they thought we were a "no show" and the amonia needed for the test was no longer available. We had to reschedule to next week! They were kind enough to cover our parking fee (Big City Parking Charges ... FARUMPH to you!) and we left. Again, receiving more wrong directions to the Congenital Heart Cardiology Center, that I was advised to check out. We left to get some ridiculously overpriced gas and hopped back on the jam-packed freeway.
I really don't like the Big City.

The UCLA morning was not wasted as I spent a healthy chunk of time with Lucas and we talked about a lot of deep stuff like compassion and the solitude of sickness. Seeing terribly ill people starts you chewing on heavy topics...
 our time together was well spent.

Later that night, Lucas left for Church Youth Group.
 His unexpected text arrived about 8:45,
"I have really bad news, will call ASAP."
  Lots of things crossed my mind, in which, NOT ONE was that he had been in a car accident. But darn it, that's what he confessed. It was his fault miscalculating a left turn ... airbags deployed, both cars not drivable, three police cars, fire truck and ambulance arrived. Are you getting my fragile Parental Picture? When we pulled up at the scene, there was Lucas, the other teen boys that were hit, and a nice calm cop.
Thankfully, and MOST importantly, no one was hurt!
Praise The Lord! (repeat three times).

Yesterday's adventure of "heart tests and accidents" drove home the truth that
 the most important things in life are not things. Family and good Heath are tied for number one!
Things can be replaced, people can't.
Truth is ...Blips in life will sail our way and we'll naturally react. After taking that deep breath, it's crucial to assess What REALLY matters?

Final Thought ... You better believe I LOVED parking my bottom on Silver Strand Beach watching Daniel surf late this afternoon.
It was a no-brainer that my soul and sanity embraced .


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