Monday, July 14, 2014


Sort of a cool date today, no?
7-14-14 ... sounds like the combination to my high school locker.
Or number from the bible. 
I like seven and its multiples. Twenty-one? A winner as well.  
I'm just sayin.
Wrapping up last  week ... Jenny flew in from Arizona this past Saturday
 (I drove Lucas to the airport).
 Daniel finished basketball camp last Friday and he made the all-star team!
 He was sad to see it end.
 Fun, sweaty week!
Good news ... Lucas' car can be repaired so REX, as he named it, will come home in a couple weeks.  My generous father is loaning us his 1999 Suburban, AKA "The Shiznit," that has been sitting in his metal shop for years.   And you can smell it.  Next time I drive, the bleach wipes are coming along.
  That Shiznit is an interesting ride.
More on that later.
Having Jenny around this weekend was a treat.
 She joined us for dinner at our friend's home.
Friends are the family you choose for yourself :)

It was a gorgeous day to swim at Larryland, horse around and watch the World Cup. "Hooray" for "Germanay!" If you say it like that it rhymes.
 See what I did there?
 We walked down to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It felt like we had three kids, but my husband told me I should not say that.
So -- I sort of take it back
(But that is how it felt, the kids get along so well).
 Today we hit the beach where Dan surfed and the other two took  a long walk and napped. I started a new book and took a siesta as well. 
 The weather was unusual. It rained - making it feel like Hawaii or somewhere tropical, not Ventura. It was an overall beautiful day that ended at In and Out Burger. I Loved not having to cook and having a houseguest has been the perfect excuse to eat out. 
It's back to the Arizona desert for Jenny.
I will be driving them to Burbank tomorrow afternoon. Then, Lucas and I are heading to Cutie-Pie's house in Hollywood for dinner. Yes, that means we get to see Benson! I love that kid. Nephews and cousins rock!
Daniel will be at Magic Mountain all day long. Thankfully, I was able to weasel out of going this year. It's always memorable, but long, snake-around-lines in the heat is challenging, what I really mean, is miserable. The friend company is absolutely fabulous, but the crowds? Eh, not so much.
Overall its been a blessed past four days filled with health, family and summer memories. All gifts from God that I never want to take for granted. I hope your  weekend and 7-14-14 was one to remember, too.

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