Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Chicken Report

Daniel and my Teckie  are still loving who's left of the chickens. Many have died, or been pecked to death in the last months. I count it as a blessing because 14 was waaaay to many chickens for this mother hen.
Green Acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me ... NOT!
In November, we were preparing to go away and our friends's son was going to care for the brood. He came over to learn the food/water/egg routine when a Polish chicken slumped over dead in a laying box.  It a mystery why that one died, but she was part of a slew of many drop-dead chickens within a month.

Then there was Louise. She squawked so loud that we feared the neighbors would complain. Plus, she was going bald (not in a regular-molting sort of way). Something wasn't right.  Loud Louise was dropped off by a creek in farming land less than a mile away. Daniel was bummed because Louise had been around a long time and was a very friendly chicken that he loved. I didn't think she could survive a single night out in the wild, but I'll be darn! Dan and his buddy rode bikes down to "visit" her a couple days later. She was alive and responded to Dan, walking toward him. Daniel cheered up and felt better after that. Days later, on a run, Teckie popped in and found Louise dead.
"Like she just fell over" as my husband described it.
To this day, my son thinks Louise is living a prosperous life on the farm down the street.
The  "hen-hood"
The good news is that the chicks we purchased last Easter love their homemade chicken condos and ALAS, they are starting to lay. These gals want everyone in the neighborhood to know it! They are vocal, very squawky, and their volume makes me nervous.  If passing an egg is anything like childbirth, they can be as loud as they want.
All in a days work :)
More good chicken news? After an Egg Drought of 2 measly eggs a day (for months), these ladies are "gettin' their laying on" and producing 7 eggs a day! Before this, I  was trying to convince Teckie that
our Chicken Days were over.
 Their coop is messy, feed costs money and they were producing next to nada! Nothing! Zippo! They were stinky moochers and I wanted them OUT of our yard! Apparently, those nine hens heard me and stepped it up a notch to 7  a day! With over four dozen eggs in my fridge, I decided they can stay.

Keep pushing out those eggs honey, and nobody gets hurt
Now we  are back to the point of handing out eggs like Halloween candy. I try to be creative with that many eggs to share. More on my resourcefulness next ...

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