Friday, January 31, 2014

An Egg-Cellent Party Favor

This is how resourceful I can be with our eggs-o-plenty.
Why yes! Organic fresh-free-range chicken eggs can be a party favor!
Two of my high school friends share birthdays six days a part. Celebrating is something that we look forward to this time of year. Throwing them a birthday dinner is like hatching two yolks in one egg! 
Party Prep 
 My friend and were talking honestly that sometimes it is hard to have just ONE glass of wine. I couldn't believe it ... a week later, I found the perfect solution to that problem.
"Just One"
She really liked my solution ... we all "cracked" up!
It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating their16th birthdays. Fast forward thirty years and we are still taking  time to recognize the blessing of egg-ceptionally dear friendships, good health and togetherness.
Nights like this one will egg-o in our hearts forever!
 Not only did they leave with left-over brownie cake, gifts and hugs, but a special hen-made party favor ... and an egg-onomical one at that!
She's thinking ...
 "My birthday wish is that Unicycle Rose stop making lame puns
and behaving like a bad egg"
Remember, organic fresh-free-range chicken eggs can be a party favor!

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