Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Leftovers

He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea.
Job 9:8
Looking over summer beach pictures, I found these leftover gems. 
Each left a grin on my face :)
I remember when the adults in the family would hold my hands and scoop me up over the white waves roaring toward mini-me. Did you ever do that as a child? Now, it's Benson's turn to feel small, yet protected. Here is Grandpa, Little Benson and Daddy Dave ... darling ... Sigh.
Benson flew his first kite and I was honored to share the experience. 
 "Look Momma, I do it!" he squealed. There he stood in the hot sand holding the kite string starring at what looked (to him) like a diamond floating in the sky. Magical.
Simple joys! THIS is what life is all about.

Last Thursday, Dan and his buddy went surfing while I parked my can on the beach.  It was a wonderfully-slow afternoon. I picked these two up after school and away we went. Thursdays are my day off, so it's the perfect time to do this carefree sort of thing least while the weather cooperates! Flag football is starting so Dan's surf days are numbered ... gotta squeeze in what we can!
 Sadly, I packed away all the summer decore this weekend and am slowly sprinkling Fall into our home. Tomorrow starts our first full week of school and work. Thank goodness for summer memories to pull us through the new hectic routine. This summer was one of our best; little drama, new experiences, welcomed changes, and packed with good health (hold the collarbone) and togetherness. 
 Those were some tasty summer leftovers.
For dessert? Two more chickens died this past week. We are down to ten now. However, dead birds would make for a horrible dessert. I will stick with jelly bellies and chewing on the tasty leftovers of Summer 2013!

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