Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I know K.I.S.S. makes one think of  "Keep It Simple Stupid."
 However, since the theme of our women's retreat is "Abundant Simplicity"  our team decided to morph this acronym to "Keep It Simple Sister."
 It's our retreat mantra.
Some simply awesome retreat friends
If overwhelmed, distracted and exhausted are words that describe you then this retreat was designed just for you!  Based on her book, "Abundant Simplicity" our speaker, Jan Johnson, will share how God invites us to live an unhurried, uncluttered life in which we make choices joyfully and intentionally.
Doesn't that sound simply wonderful?
She will give us experiments and practices of simplicity that will help us live the abundant life that God has designed for us. The thought of it makes me want to clean closets and cupboards of the unused stuff I've collected and only save things that really are needed. This idea stretches to simplicity of time, simplicity of speech and simplicity of service.
You know, so there's less of that life-fluff that causes distraction and stress.
Of all my retreat planning years, this has been the most relaxed and enjoyable by far. Why? It's so simply simple. No bells or whistles.  Jan Johnson is all about picking the engaging relational life we were meant to live. By shedding self indulgence and pretension, we can then allow God's power to move through us and bless others because ...
 We have more time, love and space to do good.
Keep It Simple Sister!

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