Sunday, September 1, 2013

Birthdays and Long Weekends

Those are two of my favorite things! Birthday Parties and long holiday weekends. What's not to like? And, having both happen at the same time feels like we hit some sort of FUN LOTTERY. This is my kind of jackpot!
The traditional birthday donut walk

Hang Thirteen :)
We started off Daniel's birthday-morning by walking the Wiener Sisters to the donut shop. It was still "hotter than the hinges of hell" so, although only a few blocks away it felt MUCH farther. Even the dogs with their tongues hanging out  their mouths and practically dragging on the street would agree! What better way to kick off a new year than with apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and white cake donuts with sprinkles on top? It's not like we would be eating birthday cake later on. He, he!
Dan's Fans

Overboard made Daniel's cake, with some help from my Dad. He made the surfboard out of balsa wood and she made what looks like bronzed Stretch Armstrong riding the wave. Although only family came over, I decorated SpongeBob style, as Daniel watches this cartoon every day! 
He made a point to tell everyone that he did not pick out the decorations. He is at the age where being cool at all times is key. Even if it means denying his favorite sponge.
I love this kid!

The Birthday dinner party was a hit!
The night weather was gorgeous and thankfully it cooled down after sunset. We ate outside and hovered around the birthday boy. Except Benson. He was more interested in running up and down the baggo boards over and over, and over ... his energy level is exhausting to watch!
After presents and cake, we moved the party to the front yard to play basketball and skateboard. Again, it was a perfect summer night activity. When everyone left, Daniel crashed on the couch. Sara plopped right on top of him and fell asleep too. It's love :)
This morning Daniel was up first thing and starting to learn a new song on the ukulele. My Teckie and I took a unicycle ride and run. I'll say it again, "Momma Mia! He can run fast!" My face was tomato-red and steamy when we returned home. Those four miles are such a challenge when he is in front ... speedily leading the way. Puff, puff, puff!
Sweet dreams thirteen-year old!
 Now, we are off to see Dan's good buddy, Kobe, in a play, then wine tasting with friends. I love birthdays and long weekends!

So that wraps up Daniel's 13th. Most importantly, I continue to pray for his good health, smart choices and showered blessings throughout this next year. He is really growing up fast. Watching him physically, emotionally and musically mature is a gift from our great God.
Children are a gift from the LORD;
they are a reward from him
Psalm 127:3, NLT

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