Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Thidbits

Thidbits? There was so much action last weekend with the broken collarbone, that I  didn't mention the (latest) Chicken Drama.
Last Friday while the guys were quadding, I watched Benson. As usual, we took some lettuce to the chickens and collected the eggs. What made this coop visit different was there was a dead chicken laying in the dirt with a pecked out face! And, it was one of the unique "Phyllis Dillars!' Our girls killed one of their own!  I gulped  inside  holding Benson on my hip. Then, I pointed out to Benson "That chicken is dead" collected three eggs, and exited "stage right" scooting like a chicken with it's head cut off ... or in this case, pecked off! GROSS!
Perhaps there were too many feathers in her face and Phyllis could not defend herself?
That's what Dan thinks happened.  He tried to trim  the surviving Phyllis's feather
hat with scissors. First attempt failed.
I bring this up because  today when Daniel went to  feed the chickens before leaving for the fair, there was a dead chicken in the laying box.
Two dead chickens in less than one week!
Two less beaks to feed :)
Daniel sadly bagged up the deceased chicken,  placed her in the trash, then headed to the fair. He has front row seats at a concert tonight and will attend the pig auction tomorrow morning.  Hopefully he'll be having too much fun to think about his shrinking brood.

A more upbeat Thidbit?
Our dinner at the beach was a mini-mini--staycation!

Last night we had dinner with friends renting a beach house on Faria beach. THANKS GUYS! It was in THE PERFECT location and Daniel surfed while we sipped mojitos. I had never seen him surf before and I was impressed. Especially since he didn't have a wetsuit! He's my polar bear.
Unicycles and surfboards ... It's all about balance!
As for a Lucas Thidbit? The body is such an amazing machine, being able to heal like it does. It's just a slow machine!  Loads of sitting around, watching movies and spending time with Lucas while he mends is "the haps" around here. This time together is an unexpected gift.
BIG Thanks to Pal Marcus for stopping by and
  keeping up our empty egg carton supply ... every week!
What would we do without Marcus?
Why not end these Thursday Thidbits with a smile?
 Here's a 'lil sumthin sumthin' from The Best Joke Book Ever:

TEACHER: Marie, give me a sentence starting with "I."
MARIE: I is ...
TEACHER: No, no Marie ... Always say "I am."
MARIE: All right. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.
 Tee, hee hee!

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