Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thidbits con Puns, no salsa!

Smile Carlos!
This Senorita needs a shave
Are you thinking, what I'm thinking? What is with that post title? Sometimes I think in "part Spanish." Very little parts, but EspaƱol creeps in my mind like ants at a picnic. Maybe it's a Southern California thing? Si, or no?
Now for some puns ...

Let's stick with the PUNS section from the joke book, as there are many more worth sharing. What better way to keep balance, than with some levity? Laughter is good medicine, so here's your daily dose ...
Crick: sound a Japanese camera makes

If you wear a blindfold at the shooting range, you wont know what you're missing.

A cow that gives no milk is an udder failure

Testicle: a humorous question on an exam

And finally ... Why can't you play poker in the jungle? Because there are too many cheetahs! (Me gusta creative, clean jokes. )
Aqui es los Thidbits de Jueves ....
Oh My! I'm still sporting jammies. Laying around I'm doing nothing more than trying to beat Candy Crush Saga (confession), eating watermelon and reading my new  book. Usually, I'm productive. But since writing my first work day on the calendar, I've  decided to stop putting on the pressure to clean, exercise, cook etc. Busy days are 'round the corner; permission to "loaf" has been granted. Sir, yes sir!

Sniffle! It will be sad to see these lazy summer days end. Part of me feels guilty that my husband is back to work, stressed over the furlough and I'm "Chillin like Bob Dillon" (As those stoners used to say). Admittedly, receiving a paycheck and rising at 6:30AM won't be so bad. I like to think I'm  carrying a small part of the load around here.Very. Small. But a part, just the same!

 But wait! Summer isn't over yet... we are kicking off August today. This month we are featuring tent camping with Daniel's youth group at Lake San Antonio. I don't like camping. However, this four-day outing meets my Christian Service Summer Requirement. Also, we're sending Lucas off to Camp Del Corazon, celebrating Teckie's birthday, a Santa Barbara weekend AND Daniel's 13th birthday... yes, we will have two teenagers in 'da howse/la casa!'
All.Fun.Stuff. OLE!

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