Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Caboose of Summer

I'm counting. The first day of school is sixteen hours away! Hopefully the push of working twenty hours a week will not keep me from blogging. It has been a great way to stay in touch with friends and family far away. 
The Brothers of Badminton
 And BTW ... If you have any doubts about the money you spend keeping fleas off your dog, I am here to encourage you to never stop. It is money well spent. Let's just say that one dog (I won't say names, I don't want to embarrass her) now has worms. This late breaking news is brought to you by an infected flea she ate that came to life in her intestines. Like dog zombies. I wanted to vomit when I figured it out. Yes, now there's more money towards the Wiener Sisters because I forgot to give them "the pill" at the beginning of summer... and another confirmation that we have become scuzzy-flea people. The vet told me it can take THREE MONTHS before our flea problem is totally eradicated. I slumped when I heard that news. Like a bag of wet cement.

Baggo, or Corn hole. Whatever you call it, this is a fun game!
On to a cheerier subject ....
 We did this "last Saturday night before school" justice. Badminton, Baggo, Wheelbarrow Races and Ace in the dark, in awesome Southern California  weather, was what we played. Ace in the Dark is a game the kids taught the adults that had to do with one person "dying" and everyone else trying to figure out who the killer was. All it took was a deck of cards and playing it five times before the adults "got it." It wasn't easy for us Old Farts to think like kids again!
Wheelbarrow races aren't as easy as they used to be!
The hours left on this first-day-of-school eve are numbered ... I'm off to enjoy this Sunday afternoon, and savor the caboose of my summer.

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