Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bite that Cancelled Surgery

While blogging this morning, Lucas showed interest in writing. I suggested he put thoughts down so he could be my guest blogger. I am going to skip to the last paragraph he wrote about his surgery, because it is crucial to what followed ...
                "I think the worst part of all of this is that I can’t eat and I’ve been hungry since I woke up around 7ish. It’s going to be a long day. Oh well. "
About an hour after he wrote this, I walked into the eating area and there he was with a big bowl of Cheerios in front of him. As I walked by, it didn't register that he was EATING!  Then it clicked.  Stopping him immediately, he said he was so hungry, he forgot about NO FOOD AFTER MIDNIGHT. He had only taken one bite, but I feared it was one bite too many.
I called the anesthesia people in disbelief. There I sat on hold, waiting to see if we could go ahead with a tablespoon of Cheerios and milk in his stomach. I slumped inside, outside and on many emotional levels when she returned with the news, "No, we are sorry." 
Some mistakes have consequences. The most painful one for the Cheerio bite is that the soonest the doctor can reschedule is next Friday, when Lucas was supposed to be at Camp Del Corazon. Now "the best week of the year" is cancelled. His reaction to this news broke my heart and made me cry also. This is a tough lesson for him to learn, but an important one in life ...
PAY ATTENTION! Lucas knew he couldn't eat, but lost focus and went on autopilot. 
I am completely depleted right now. Taking Lucas, we are heading into fourth grade to work and take  our minds off the disappointments. He keeps asking if we can spend Thanksgiving in Arizona. Something tells me he was looking forward to seeing Jenny at Camp Del Corazon next week. I must ask Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt if we can visit in November (and, how about today? I could really use an umbrella drink in their awesome pool right now).
Who knew that one bite of Cheerios could cause such frustration and heartache?

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