Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thank God and Cheerios

Lucas was improving so much these last couple days, even sleeping without his sling, that I questioned if surgery was really needed. I wasn’t  positive it was the right decision to make, so I asked Teckie to come with us to Santa Barbara  to see the orthopedist. He  went quiet and obviously didn’t' want to miss work and his meeting. However, it was important that he be there. Don’t you think? After I called him “Mr. Quad” he agreed. Perhaps he needed a reminder to jog his memory how we landed here in the first place?
Another X-ray in what looks like Adam's fig leaf.
Off we went for another x-ray.  When the doc measured the bones, there was no change from the last film. We discussed what it meant to NOT do surgery; longer healing time, no re-injury prevention (UG!), one shoulder will be 1.7 centimeters shorter (among other things). Lucas could care less about the cosmetic part. He is riddled with scars, and his chest doesn’t' look close to normal. When we discussed that his shoulders would be uneven he said it didn't  matter because his body is temporary and it will rot in the dirt in the end! True that!

After weighing it all, we decided he would not have surgery this Friday. The doc was on board. Lucas was ecstatic times ten. We have to return in four weeks to x-ray, as sometimes the bones have non-union and then surgery is necessary to fix it.

Amazingly enough, I called Camp Del Corazon and they had one spot open for camp that starts tomorrow! San Pedro is where we’re headed to catch the boat to Catalina Island. Lucas was over the moon when I told him. He decided not to tell any of his camp friends and surprise them all. That should be fun to witness :)
Isn’t it a miracle how God sews circumstances all together for good?

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4
 Lucas is now thankful that surgery cancelled last week because of that one bite of Cheerios. Me too. Never anticipating I would feel that way, I will say it again, God is amazing!
Overwhelmed by the day.... blessed by the outcome ... excited he can drive sooner ... exhausted by the emotional roller coaster ...  I'm pooped out!
In closing, I will repeat what has been the theme of our last 19 days with his broken collarbone...

 "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."
Thanks Cheerios. 

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