Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

 The orthopedist FINALLY called back (three days later) and told us Lucas's collarbone  had slipped from 1cm to 1.7cm in the first week! This was not the news we were hoping for. Tomorrow at 1:30 he will be in surgery to insert a plate and screws  to straighten everything out. This will lengthen his shoulder to match the other and prevent re-fracture. I like saying  those words ... 
 PREVENT RE-FRACTURE ... that's my new hope! 
Mentally preparing
Praying for a sign from God about his school band participation, today the anwser arrived. Lucas will not be in regiment this season. There is sadness over this decision. However, I like to think that God has something much better planned for him. I have to trust that. We are still waiting to see if he can attend Camp Del Corazon next Thursday through Monday on Catalina Island. He is aching to go even if it means all he can do is stand around. He may become seriously depressed if he can't go. So, I pray he can be part of what he calls
 "The best week of the entire year." 
 As for me? This was going to be (past tense)  the weekend spent in Santa Barbara with Miss Piggy. I cancelled that, as well as my haircut and workday.  Like they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!" The "new plan" will  be spending tomorrow in an outpatient surgery center in Santa Barbara.
Not sitting on the beach in Santa Barbara.
Not drinking habanero beer in Santa Barbara.
Not riding bikes in Santa Barbara.
And, that is okay.
 What feels magnified in my heart is that this is not life-threatening. I have to remind myself of this fact.  Surgery echoes bad health memories, but I keep reminding myself that this is not open-heart surgery. Relax.
  I take a deep breath.
Say a prayer (repeat this step)
Trust surgery will go great.
Everything's gonna be all right.
 Please God.
A week from now he will feel much better, and so will I :)

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