Thursday, August 15, 2013

Speaking of friends ...

Wherever  we are, it is our friends that make our world.
Henry Drummond (1851-1897)

This quote reminds me what is stirring in our home.
Apparently, friends’ making up our world is nothing new …
look how long ago Old Man Henry Drummond was alive!

 When we picked up Daniel from his Youth Group camping trip yesterday, he wore red tired eyes, bed head and a slight sunburn that told me he had fun with his church friends. This group has been a blessing. He said that on the trip he met many new kids and clarified that his name is Daniel and not "Lucas’s little brother."
Unloading is never fun
Daniel brushed his teeth every night while camping. Yeah!  I asked if he showered, he answered that he went in the lake every day. Eww! There was no deodorant application at all, and he admitted, “I stink.”  Confirmed. His confidence and exhaustion level were high and he refused to shower right away just to annoy me. Or, that is how it felt. 

The stories he shared at dinner were loaded with adventure; wakeboarding, knee boarding, skiing, and tubing. His cool sense of enthusiasm sent a wave of thankfulness through me. It's a blessing to have friends who love Jesus and you at the same time.  That's right, Henry Drummond ... It is true that friends are a big part of our world.
Dinner on the patio, listening to Daniel's stories. So
happy that he is home, safe and stinky.

Speaking of friends...
Youth Group friends came over last night to "Wish Lucas Well" before his surgery.  I'm sure it meant a lot to feel their love and support. Again, it’s a blessing to have friends who love Jesus and you at the same time.  It dawned on me that since Lucas is not participating in band now, he is available to play guitar at church, attend youth group and help with the Jr. High group; all things he's stopped for the  months that regiment required. Maybe this is God's plan for him?  Perhaps I am reading too much into this?  Perhaps. Whatever.
What do I know?  I know this ...
God takes bad things and turns them into something beautiful
Being witness to this phenomenon many times over, I can depend on it. Time is all it takes to understand the bigger picture. I'll be patient to appreciate why this is happening. Let's face it, I have no choice.

 Awesome group of friends/kids
Speaking of friends ...
My sweet friend is bringing us dinner after Lucas’ surgery today. I feel awkward accepting a meal.  However, she offered and it felt right because we'll be returning home from Santa Barbara about dinner time.  Again, it’s a blessing to have friends make up our world!

Thanks ya'll for keeping Lucas in your thoughts and prayers today. All the vicoden/sleeping time ahead for Lucas,
means writing time for Nurse Unicycle Rose

Stay tuned for "Thoughts on the Sport of Quad Riding"
and other relevant topics!

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