Monday, August 5, 2013


Before leaving for the orthopedic doctor this morning, I held Lucas's X-ray up to the window to take a picture... SNAP! EEEEOOOWCH!
"Quads and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me."
It goes something like that, right?
After this visual, I get it, he is in true broken-bone pain! Thankfully, it doesn't appear that  he needs surgery and we will re-x-ray next week to be sure. I am thankful for no surgery, but am bummed that he can't drive for four weeks, or participate in band for six weeks! I still have to help him shower and know that I must cancel my camping trip to Lake San Antonio. Daniel will leave without me this Sunday. He is very excited!
As for Lucas? All he can do is lay around and heal.
 He really needs a shower, it has been three days! That will be this evenings project. The doctor gave us more Vicoden, and for this I am thankful. Only problem is he is sleeping so much! Sleep probably isn't such a bad thing for him right now. In a day or so, we will only let him have the strong drugs at night.
For now, I am going to treasure the time I have with him. He was driving the last two weeks and he was never around. It's like he was gone, because he was! With his driver's license he seemed all grown up and independent. With one bad jump on the quad, landing with a broken bone, my little boy has returned! We will make the best of it and THANK GOD that it's not open-heart surgery!!!
Thanks ya'll for the prayers!
God is good :)

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