Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scuzzy Flea People on Thursday Thidbits

At the risk of sounding like a Hillbilly, I am going to share a private Thidbit of what’s happening in our home. Please don’t judge me, k?

The last two weeks I noticed Weiner Sister Goldie had a sort of sand in her short fur. I found similar sand in  our bed. Bothered, I changed the sheets, twice.  My Teckie took one of the small granules and put it under the microscope. I don’t know if it’s odd we did that, or odd that we have a microscope on hand. Anyways, we were curious what it was. Under the scope, it looked like a teeny-tiny rock.
That was ten days ago.
The Hosts
Well those little rocks hatched into fleas! The "sand" was flea eggs!  And … I freaked when I shamefully admitted  fleas were living here and laying hundreds of eggs that were being transported via daschund to every room in our house. Remember, don’t judge! My Teckie immediately ran to our dining room and took the microscope slide out with the sand/egg that had been sitting there for a week. It makes me itch just writing about this. I have been cleaning, washing, and vacuuming until I’m dog-tired (oh look, a pun!). How did these vermin move in?  I realized that I forgot to give the Weiner Sisters their monthly flea pill at the start of summer. Fast forward three months and this is what you get. It’s gross and I am embarrassed to admit this happened as we're not scuzzy-flea people, I repeat ... we are not scuzzy flea people, just forgetful... and yes, I'm an idiota (that's Spanish for idiot) for messing up the flea medicine. 

So, we gave the dogs flea baths yesterday with special shampoo. I had never done that before. You have to lather up the shampoo and leave it in for five minutes. That feels like 35 minutes in dog time! However, Daniel and I pulled it off.  After reading about these blood-sucking mites today, I discovered that they gather under a dog’s legs, arms, back of neck and genitals. Ok, how would this flea-rookie know THAT? I realized that I didn’t lathered up their privates like I should have. Just to be safe, I HAD to look. Sure enough, there were a few fleas in both of their undercarriages. So, in less than 24 hours, I repeated the flea bath and took care of business.  I feel stained.
Poor Goldie hating her flea bath

Again, don’t judge me. Or, my ability to keep things "real" will come to a halt and I will have to pretend everything is hanging in perfect balance over here.  Clearly, it's not.
The past 24 hours reminded me of when Cutie-Pie brought home lice in the second grade. I remember Overboard crying when the lice returned two weeks later (Note: I didn't grow up in a scuzzy-lice home).  Lice, fleas, bugs … any parasite, leaves me feeling dirty, scratchy and unkempt.  Remember ... we're  not scuzzy-flea people!

Wellllll ... I guess we are now.

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