Monday, August 19, 2013

Santa Barbara N' Stuff

How do people make it through life without a sister? 
The upside of Lucas's darn Cheerio bite/cancelled surgery was that the Santa Barbara trip was back on the books! Cutie-Pie and I drove up and stayed with Miss Piggy.  What a perfect way to end summer ... two days on the beach with great weather, habanero beer, tummy-hurting laughs, a late night game of  bocci (and winning by one point -- what an upset!) and spending lounge time with my sisters. It's a big-fat blessing that I'll never take for granted.
Spicy habanero beer and onion rings. The diet always starts tomorrow, right?
It felt amazing to just BE. That is not easy for me as I error on the side of having ants in my pants ... so to speak. The peaceful weekend was like a calm before the storm of a new school year.
View from the pullino
Admittedly, last week was stressful with THE spoonful of Cheerios  and all that led up to it. You can bet that I  enjoyed every second of the blissful stagnation and relaxation in Santa Barbara.  Knowing this next week would be full of work and getting ready for school, I dove head first into doing nothing with my sisters, and loved it. Today I worked all day, Daniel is at Magic Mountain (again) and Lucas is out with friends.

Last week Lucas came to school with me and put his one good arm to work.
Here he is at my desk creating spelling packets. Thanks Lucas, for lending me A hand...literally!

I admit I'm excited for fourth grade to start. Working in the class and prepping feels like the buildup to New Years Eve. Then ... the  anticipated first day arrives and a new school year is off and running. So much hope and excitement looms in our empty class right now. Next? Just add 28 children next Monday and ... Wellah!

Just when I was about to put away my "America Cross" from July,
it landed in the classroom! The perfect home, no? 

What a drag it will be to drive Lucas to school his Junior Year. After the surgery we will have to start with a whole new four weeks of no driving. Surgery is scheduled for 6:45 Friday morning (no time for Cheerios!), but the doctor called and said he will squeeze us in on Wednesday or Thursday. Wellllll Doc, which one is it? Again, no call back. We will be ready "on the fly" to return to Santa Barbara for a not-so-fun visit. Hoping it doesn't clash with registration, orientations, shoe buying and haircuts, I realize we are at the mercy of this doctor. Being on the other side of surgery will feel good to me, and Lucas, who is still moping over missing Camp Del Corazon. He is learning responsibility the hard way.

Lui with the sisters

  When I returned home last night, Daniel was eager to show me his new surfboard . It's cool, I guess. With school starting, I honestly don't know when he'll make it to the beach. Regardless, Happy 13th Birthday to Daniel!
 Hang Ten!
And ... while at Play It Again Sports, my Teckie also bought Daniel new quad riding boots.  Let's be honest people ... There is tension in our home over the quads. Despite my boy's love of this risky sport, I say SELL THEM! Don't let the quad, make you a quad! I have been doing  research and am sick to my stomach over the amount of death and serious injury caused while riding. Lucas got off easy with a broken collarbone! I know I can't make my husband stop or force him to sell the darn things. However, the mounting medical bills over the collarbone, combined with seeing Lucas hurt and miss out on so much, will hopefully turn his heart away from the quads.
That is my prayer anyway. 

Sweet Benson  loves to swing!
 Benson is on his way over and we're off to the park while Cutie-Pie runs errands. He will be three in September! Where has the time gone?

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. 
You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  ~Amy Li
Cheers to sisters, CLINK!
That's a wrap on Santa Barbara N' Stuff.

Unicycle Rose wishes you poise, stability and cool steadiness
 as you're keeping balance in the new school year!

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