Friday, August 30, 2013

Late Thursday Thidbits

My thidbits are a day late ... whatever. Life happens :)
Fighting fleas is taking it's toll. I cant go on with this routine.  We're having the house flea bombed today. We'll move out for a bit, but TOTALLY WORTH IT! Bombs Away, I say! Paws and fingers crossed that this blowout will de-flea us!
Fleas, fleas go away, don't come back another day!

As for the first week of school? Some fourth grade girls caught a preying mantis. They found a jar/home and now we have a "class pet." Next day, they brought in a bigger jar, filled it with greens, and found out that preying mantis's eat fruit and aphids. Of course, they put watermelon in his house. Unlike fleas, these girls are excited about watching this interesting insect. It's simply awesome to see their joy and care over this green-stick-long thing. What a sweet reminder to be thankful for the small things God puts in our path. Fleas not included.
One of the best parts of working in a Christian school is the time of open prayer. The teacher takes prayer requests and then whoever wants to (about half the class) puts a voice to their hearts and pray out loud. It's an intimate time. Of course, the prayers of children are music to God's ears, right? Even if they are asking for the preying mantis to survive.

Open your heart to blessings around you
Parenting Thidbit: I can't believe I had to ground Daniel  for the first time ....ever. He has always been a polite, by-the-book-straight-arrow-kind of kid. However, when I was talking on the phone to Terminix (Bombs Away) he decided to be Liberace on the piano. I could not hear, so I asked him sweetly to wait to practice. He told me to use another phone, and continued to practice. The nerve! Hanging up, I was flabbergasted and angry. Daniel is a changing teenager, pressing boundaries, and being disrespectful. I had to press back. I sent him to his room and took away his itouch. He got the message. He will be turning thirteen tomorrow, and is well casted for the part!
"The Terrible Teen's" starring ... DANIEL!
Starring Daniel!
No matter what is chaotically brewing around you, remember to slow down and find the preying mantis in your life. You know .. that small simple thing that brings  joy and awe .... like... good health, summer blooms still hanging on, a good night's sleep, flea bombs, and watermelon. God places little gifts everywhere in our paths. Perhaps we forget to open our eyes to everyday miracles that circle us like silent tornados, as we are too harried, grumpy or stressed to take them into our hearts? They are out there, and not flashy or obvious. So find one, appreciate and nurture it, maybe feed it watermelon? See what happens.

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