Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last minute pre-work thoughts ...

I  start my first day back at work today! Adios Summer! I am not mentally prepared, but look forward to seeing co-workers and friends. Before I dive into work mode, I'll highlight the "haps" around here.
Top x-ray was on day of accident, bottom two were taken yesterday
 Repeating Lucas's x-ray yesterday, I immediately hung up the films  for comparison when we got home. That's normal, right? The bones have  shifted and overlapped over the last week. What does that mean? I put a call into the orthopedist, as he told me to, but in true doctor fashion, he never called back. Until that call is received, no news is good news right?
After going through Lucas's fifth broken collarbone drama, I am encouraging him to consider a career in X-ray technology. Not kidding. I started doing a little research about this field to see what it is all about.
Does that look like it's healing to you?
It has been rather quiet around here without Daniel. We have been thinking about him and wondering how he did putting up a huge tent for him and four buddies to share. I look forward to hearing lots of stories when he returns tomorrow evening. Let's hope he remembered to re-apply sunscreen, deodorant, shower and brush his fangs every night. Total longshot! 
 I'll let you know how he smells.

Daniel and his buddy in the RV leaving for Lake San Antonio
As Lucas can't do much these days, it's a perfect time for him to make some money house/dog watching for neighbors. He just can't walk the crazy Schnauzer Brothers without help. That's where I came in  ...

Meet Otis and Max. These 9-year old miniature Snauzers stopped to pee on every tree, leaf and pole. My Wiener Sisters don't do THAT!  It must be a boy thing?
But wait there's more ... Otis  pooped in the middle of a driveway on the walk down; Max on a lawn. Of course we forgot to bring bags! DOH! Let's just say that Lucas is working harder than planned to earn ten bucks a day!
There was lots to celebrate over the weekend. Miss Piggy and My Teckie share close birthdays so you could say we killed Two bird-DAYS with one stone! Forgive me, you know I can't resist a pun :)
FIY: I hit the jackpot in the parenting department. Dad and Overboard can't help but be typical Italian parents! When they bring us all together we eat, laugh and play to  excess ... because were "familia" and this is what you do.  This weekend was no exception.  Both have wonderful priorities in life and as a result we are blessed and bloated :)

My cousin Nina, on right, is also know as "The Fourth Sister."
Why? Because she sort of is! It wouldn't be a get-together without her.

 My first day of work is in 40 minutes and I haven't showered yet! Can you say, "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt?"
I'm dragging my heels ... just a tad. I rather reminisce the fun weekend or go for a ride on Blanche, instead of wearing makeup and acting professional. Sadly, not today. It's back to fourth grade to prepare for twenty-nine (that's a lot!) little angels.
And, that concludes my "last minute pre-work thoughts." It's time to step into the shower, as well as a new state of mind. Whether I like it or not.

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