Saturday, August 31, 2013

Celebrating 13 in a flea-free zone!

Happy Birthday to my ukulele playing-pistol-packing-surfer-dude son!
 Yesterday I vacuumed AGAIN, then Dan and I loaded up the Wiener Sisters and headed to Overboard's while our house was blown up, flea style. "It's hotter than the hinges of hell"  .... as Overboard says, so hanging out in their air conditioned house was no problemo (that darn Spanish always creeps in). It was a blessing to have somewhere to go for the day!
The Wiener Sisters during their spa day at Overboards
 The Weenies were bathed and given a healthy dose of Frontline Plus, while My Teckie took Daniel to The Guitar Center to buy his much wanted ukulele. Every since our Hawaiian friends taught him this summer, He's been yearning for one ... but ukuleles, well a good one, ain't cheap! So, THANK YOU  to G-ma Fish who sent him a generous b-day check. He knew instantly how he wanted to spend it. That's right, the "Uke." Usually, we make our kids save half their b-day money, but this time we made an exception. He has not stopped playing that thing. He plays and sings along to the song by Jason Miraz, "I'm Yours" and he sounds pretty darn good!  
"My dog does not have fleas"
Tonight we celebrate Daniel in a flea-free environment and thank God for placing this amazing kid in our family!
Raise your grape soda and Cheers to Dan, CLINK!
Happy Birthday!

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