Friday, August 23, 2013

Camp Rocks

Yesterday, was not all about the fleabags.
 First the CAMP part...
Leaving super early in the AM, I took Lucas to San Pedro to catch the boat. He is now on Catalina Island with his Camp del Corazon buddies. He has been friends with this "broken-hearted" (literally) group for nine years. The first year he attended his cabin name was “The Tugboats” because they were the youngest. This year he is in “Senior 3,” the oldest. The blessing of watching your children grow up and be healthy, NEVER gets old!
Lucas and his camp counselor
 One glitch ... I was careful to load up his guitar, sleeping bag, meds and suitcase to the car (he's useless with that broken bone), that I forgot my purse … AGAIN! I also forgot it last weekend in Santa Barbara. What an idiota! Once I realized I was  driving without my purse, money, lipstick, I.D. … all those travel necessities, I felt a tad insecure, and this freeway drama didn't help: In Los Angeles there was a bomb scare on the 101 North freeway. I drove one puny mile (that is 5280 feet and I rolled slowly over every one of them) in an hour. Like a snail. Purse less for three hours in traffic wasn't appreciated when I had a house of fleas waiting to battle at home. 
Have I mentioned how much I hate Los Angeles?
Well, nothing has changed in the
 "I HATE L.A. Department."
Now for the ROCKS part ...
"Abundant Simplicity" is the theme of our Ladies Getaway in October. It will be here in seven short weeks so it's time to start rocking my responsibilities.
Writing "Faith, Hope, Peace and Love" on polished rocks left me pondering each of those words. All of them deflect the darkness, posses power, and feed the soul. Life would be meaningless without those four things, and Jesus said it best ...
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1Corinithians 13:13
I see that "peace" didn't make the cut with Jesus. I think peace is necessary to find your way and keep balance in this crazy, hectic world. And, "true peace" can only come from Him.
So, Peace be with you, and Peace-Out on this Peace-filled Friday morning!

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