Saturday, August 3, 2013

Break #5

(I know this is a long post. Sorry.
It's sort of venting more than anything)

Yesterday I packed up my boys for quadding then I took a camera on my unicycle ride. Every time someone waved or said something to me, I took their picture!  Are you wondering what "The view from a unicycle" looks like?  I hope to supply answers and share with you my scenic ride photos. However, I will put that post "on hold" to relay the drama that overshadowed everything. And, it seems this drama may creep its way into the coming weeks and months.
Too early to tell.
The view from a unicycle
In a nut shell? Lucas took a jump going too fast, hit a rock, and flew off his quad (five feet in air according to eye witness Daniel) landing on his side and briefly losing consciousness! 
Wait! Before I go further, let it be known that I do NOT like my guys riding quads. Never have, never will. They're too risky and many serious injuries are caused by them. In my view, some health problems can be avoided and some cannot  ...  like congenital heart defects, for example.  I say, "Why invite chances of injury into life via risky sports?" My husband is a DUDE and  has a different take on this subject.
This was taken before they left yesterday.
 Look at his beautiful unbroken collar bone!
So, back to the story ... Lucas "comes to" from his flying fall and is in awful pain.  Long story short, the California City Urgent Care was closed (they arrived at almost 6PM). Although in pain, Lucas popped Aleve and made the two hour drive home, hurting every mile of the way.  Then, my husband and he headed to the local Emergency Room.
Four hours later ...
He broke his collar bone ... again. What is freakishly fascinating is that this is his Fifth Broken Collar Bone in sixteen years on Planet Earth! Yes, fifth! His  first break kicked off this bad trend when squeezing all 9.6 pounds of his big-baby-self out the shoot. I won't go into detail how he broke it on times 2,3 and 4. Not one is a good memory.
This taken in his Pillow Palace before he awoke this morning
When they returned from the ER, Lucas just wanted to sleep. I am sure the vicoden helped. I cut off his shirt with some scissors. He was filthy from a day of riding in the dirt. That was the least of  our worries, so I propped him up,  as best I could, with ten pillows. Creating a comfortable position did not come easy, and he was grumpy. My husband left to find a 24-hour pharmacy in town and learned that one does not exist. My lifesaver of a Dad had some vicoden and delivered it at 11PM. What a blessing THAT was!
What makes Break #5 different is that Lucas  needs to follow up with an orthopedic doctor to see if surgery is needed. Usually, we'd brace or sling him and after six weeks of no activity, he'd be better. But, this time he has a "tent" break. His bones are sticking out of him like a teeny tee pee! This type of break often needs surgery of screws and plates for proper healing. This was more serious. I flipped.
This morning I showered him, like he was three all over again. But this time? He was much bigger, hairier, fragile and kept his undies on. I gently scrubbed the caked-on dirt in open sores that desperately needed washing. Not to mention, his entire body tinged with brown dust and was begging for soap and water.
Thank goodness for pain killers!
This Break #5 experience brings back a flood of bad memories from his past heart, stomach and diaphragm surgeries. I know this Break #5 "is NOT open-heart surgery" but it digs up frightening past health memories. AND ... this injury could have TOTALLY been avoided. Don't get me started.

There is much "up in the air" and being the worry wart that I am, my brain will not shut up with all the unknowns;
1. Can he drive anytime soon? Probably not. Back to being his chauffeur.
2. Can he participate in Regiment Band? Probably not, he plays the drums.
3. What if he does need surgery?  I read the risk/complications involved and wanted to cry.
4. How will he carry his back pack around campus?
5. What about the upcoming camp on Catalina Island?

A nagging thought I have, is to sell those dangerous toys! My husband is NOT on board. If Lucas does need surgery, perhaps he'll rethink it all.   If you are a prayer person, please pray for healing,  and that my husband will  change his mind about this father-son sport. Lastly, please pray for Break #5 to be THE LAST chapter in Lucas's broken collar bone saga.

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