Saturday, August 31, 2013

Celebrating 13 in a flea-free zone!

Happy Birthday to my ukulele playing-pistol-packing-surfer-dude son!
 Yesterday I vacuumed AGAIN, then Dan and I loaded up the Wiener Sisters and headed to Overboard's while our house was blown up, flea style. "It's hotter than the hinges of hell"  .... as Overboard says, so hanging out in their air conditioned house was no problemo (that darn Spanish always creeps in). It was a blessing to have somewhere to go for the day!
The Wiener Sisters during their spa day at Overboards
 The Weenies were bathed and given a healthy dose of Frontline Plus, while My Teckie took Daniel to The Guitar Center to buy his much wanted ukulele. Every since our Hawaiian friends taught him this summer, He's been yearning for one ... but ukuleles, well a good one, ain't cheap! So, THANK YOU  to G-ma Fish who sent him a generous b-day check. He knew instantly how he wanted to spend it. That's right, the "Uke." Usually, we make our kids save half their b-day money, but this time we made an exception. He has not stopped playing that thing. He plays and sings along to the song by Jason Miraz, "I'm Yours" and he sounds pretty darn good!  
"My dog does not have fleas"
Tonight we celebrate Daniel in a flea-free environment and thank God for placing this amazing kid in our family!
Raise your grape soda and Cheers to Dan, CLINK!
Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Late Thursday Thidbits

My thidbits are a day late ... whatever. Life happens :)
Fighting fleas is taking it's toll. I cant go on with this routine.  We're having the house flea bombed today. We'll move out for a bit, but TOTALLY WORTH IT! Bombs Away, I say! Paws and fingers crossed that this blowout will de-flea us!
Fleas, fleas go away, don't come back another day!

As for the first week of school? Some fourth grade girls caught a preying mantis. They found a jar/home and now we have a "class pet." Next day, they brought in a bigger jar, filled it with greens, and found out that preying mantis's eat fruit and aphids. Of course, they put watermelon in his house. Unlike fleas, these girls are excited about watching this interesting insect. It's simply awesome to see their joy and care over this green-stick-long thing. What a sweet reminder to be thankful for the small things God puts in our path. Fleas not included.
One of the best parts of working in a Christian school is the time of open prayer. The teacher takes prayer requests and then whoever wants to (about half the class) puts a voice to their hearts and pray out loud. It's an intimate time. Of course, the prayers of children are music to God's ears, right? Even if they are asking for the preying mantis to survive.

Open your heart to blessings around you
Parenting Thidbit: I can't believe I had to ground Daniel  for the first time ....ever. He has always been a polite, by-the-book-straight-arrow-kind of kid. However, when I was talking on the phone to Terminix (Bombs Away) he decided to be Liberace on the piano. I could not hear, so I asked him sweetly to wait to practice. He told me to use another phone, and continued to practice. The nerve! Hanging up, I was flabbergasted and angry. Daniel is a changing teenager, pressing boundaries, and being disrespectful. I had to press back. I sent him to his room and took away his itouch. He got the message. He will be turning thirteen tomorrow, and is well casted for the part!
"The Terrible Teen's" starring ... DANIEL!
Starring Daniel!
No matter what is chaotically brewing around you, remember to slow down and find the preying mantis in your life. You know .. that small simple thing that brings  joy and awe .... like... good health, summer blooms still hanging on, a good night's sleep, flea bombs, and watermelon. God places little gifts everywhere in our paths. Perhaps we forget to open our eyes to everyday miracles that circle us like silent tornados, as we are too harried, grumpy or stressed to take them into our hearts? They are out there, and not flashy or obvious. So find one, appreciate and nurture it, maybe feed it watermelon? See what happens.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Caboose of Summer

I'm counting. The first day of school is sixteen hours away! Hopefully the push of working twenty hours a week will not keep me from blogging. It has been a great way to stay in touch with friends and family far away. 
The Brothers of Badminton
 And BTW ... If you have any doubts about the money you spend keeping fleas off your dog, I am here to encourage you to never stop. It is money well spent. Let's just say that one dog (I won't say names, I don't want to embarrass her) now has worms. This late breaking news is brought to you by an infected flea she ate that came to life in her intestines. Like dog zombies. I wanted to vomit when I figured it out. Yes, now there's more money towards the Wiener Sisters because I forgot to give them "the pill" at the beginning of summer... and another confirmation that we have become scuzzy-flea people. The vet told me it can take THREE MONTHS before our flea problem is totally eradicated. I slumped when I heard that news. Like a bag of wet cement.

Baggo, or Corn hole. Whatever you call it, this is a fun game!
On to a cheerier subject ....
 We did this "last Saturday night before school" justice. Badminton, Baggo, Wheelbarrow Races and Ace in the dark, in awesome Southern California  weather, was what we played. Ace in the Dark is a game the kids taught the adults that had to do with one person "dying" and everyone else trying to figure out who the killer was. All it took was a deck of cards and playing it five times before the adults "got it." It wasn't easy for us Old Farts to think like kids again!
Wheelbarrow races aren't as easy as they used to be!
The hours left on this first-day-of-school eve are numbered ... I'm off to enjoy this Sunday afternoon, and savor the caboose of my summer.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Camp Rocks

Yesterday, was not all about the fleabags.
 First the CAMP part...
Leaving super early in the AM, I took Lucas to San Pedro to catch the boat. He is now on Catalina Island with his Camp del Corazon buddies. He has been friends with this "broken-hearted" (literally) group for nine years. The first year he attended his cabin name was “The Tugboats” because they were the youngest. This year he is in “Senior 3,” the oldest. The blessing of watching your children grow up and be healthy, NEVER gets old!
Lucas and his camp counselor
 One glitch ... I was careful to load up his guitar, sleeping bag, meds and suitcase to the car (he's useless with that broken bone), that I forgot my purse … AGAIN! I also forgot it last weekend in Santa Barbara. What an idiota! Once I realized I was  driving without my purse, money, lipstick, I.D. … all those travel necessities, I felt a tad insecure, and this freeway drama didn't help: In Los Angeles there was a bomb scare on the 101 North freeway. I drove one puny mile (that is 5280 feet and I rolled slowly over every one of them) in an hour. Like a snail. Purse less for three hours in traffic wasn't appreciated when I had a house of fleas waiting to battle at home. 
Have I mentioned how much I hate Los Angeles?
Well, nothing has changed in the
 "I HATE L.A. Department."
Now for the ROCKS part ...
"Abundant Simplicity" is the theme of our Ladies Getaway in October. It will be here in seven short weeks so it's time to start rocking my responsibilities.
Writing "Faith, Hope, Peace and Love" on polished rocks left me pondering each of those words. All of them deflect the darkness, posses power, and feed the soul. Life would be meaningless without those four things, and Jesus said it best ...
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1Corinithians 13:13
I see that "peace" didn't make the cut with Jesus. I think peace is necessary to find your way and keep balance in this crazy, hectic world. And, "true peace" can only come from Him.
So, Peace be with you, and Peace-Out on this Peace-filled Friday morning!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scuzzy Flea People on Thursday Thidbits

At the risk of sounding like a Hillbilly, I am going to share a private Thidbit of what’s happening in our home. Please don’t judge me, k?

The last two weeks I noticed Weiner Sister Goldie had a sort of sand in her short fur. I found similar sand in  our bed. Bothered, I changed the sheets, twice.  My Teckie took one of the small granules and put it under the microscope. I don’t know if it’s odd we did that, or odd that we have a microscope on hand. Anyways, we were curious what it was. Under the scope, it looked like a teeny-tiny rock.
That was ten days ago.
The Hosts
Well those little rocks hatched into fleas! The "sand" was flea eggs!  And … I freaked when I shamefully admitted  fleas were living here and laying hundreds of eggs that were being transported via daschund to every room in our house. Remember, don’t judge! My Teckie immediately ran to our dining room and took the microscope slide out with the sand/egg that had been sitting there for a week. It makes me itch just writing about this. I have been cleaning, washing, and vacuuming until I’m dog-tired (oh look, a pun!). How did these vermin move in?  I realized that I forgot to give the Weiner Sisters their monthly flea pill at the start of summer. Fast forward three months and this is what you get. It’s gross and I am embarrassed to admit this happened as we're not scuzzy-flea people, I repeat ... we are not scuzzy flea people, just forgetful... and yes, I'm an idiota (that's Spanish for idiot) for messing up the flea medicine. 

So, we gave the dogs flea baths yesterday with special shampoo. I had never done that before. You have to lather up the shampoo and leave it in for five minutes. That feels like 35 minutes in dog time! However, Daniel and I pulled it off.  After reading about these blood-sucking mites today, I discovered that they gather under a dog’s legs, arms, back of neck and genitals. Ok, how would this flea-rookie know THAT? I realized that I didn’t lathered up their privates like I should have. Just to be safe, I HAD to look. Sure enough, there were a few fleas in both of their undercarriages. So, in less than 24 hours, I repeated the flea bath and took care of business.  I feel stained.
Poor Goldie hating her flea bath

Again, don’t judge me. Or, my ability to keep things "real" will come to a halt and I will have to pretend everything is hanging in perfect balance over here.  Clearly, it's not.
The past 24 hours reminded me of when Cutie-Pie brought home lice in the second grade. I remember Overboard crying when the lice returned two weeks later (Note: I didn't grow up in a scuzzy-lice home).  Lice, fleas, bugs … any parasite, leaves me feeling dirty, scratchy and unkempt.  Remember ... we're  not scuzzy-flea people!

Wellllll ... I guess we are now.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thank God and Cheerios

Lucas was improving so much these last couple days, even sleeping without his sling, that I questioned if surgery was really needed. I wasn’t  positive it was the right decision to make, so I asked Teckie to come with us to Santa Barbara  to see the orthopedist. He  went quiet and obviously didn’t' want to miss work and his meeting. However, it was important that he be there. Don’t you think? After I called him “Mr. Quad” he agreed. Perhaps he needed a reminder to jog his memory how we landed here in the first place?
Another X-ray in what looks like Adam's fig leaf.
Off we went for another x-ray.  When the doc measured the bones, there was no change from the last film. We discussed what it meant to NOT do surgery; longer healing time, no re-injury prevention (UG!), one shoulder will be 1.7 centimeters shorter (among other things). Lucas could care less about the cosmetic part. He is riddled with scars, and his chest doesn’t' look close to normal. When we discussed that his shoulders would be uneven he said it didn't  matter because his body is temporary and it will rot in the dirt in the end! True that!

After weighing it all, we decided he would not have surgery this Friday. The doc was on board. Lucas was ecstatic times ten. We have to return in four weeks to x-ray, as sometimes the bones have non-union and then surgery is necessary to fix it.

Amazingly enough, I called Camp Del Corazon and they had one spot open for camp that starts tomorrow! San Pedro is where we’re headed to catch the boat to Catalina Island. Lucas was over the moon when I told him. He decided not to tell any of his camp friends and surprise them all. That should be fun to witness :)
Isn’t it a miracle how God sews circumstances all together for good?

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4
 Lucas is now thankful that surgery cancelled last week because of that one bite of Cheerios. Me too. Never anticipating I would feel that way, I will say it again, God is amazing!
Overwhelmed by the day.... blessed by the outcome ... excited he can drive sooner ... exhausted by the emotional roller coaster ...  I'm pooped out!
In closing, I will repeat what has been the theme of our last 19 days with his broken collarbone...

 "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."
Thanks Cheerios. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Santa Barbara N' Stuff

How do people make it through life without a sister? 
The upside of Lucas's darn Cheerio bite/cancelled surgery was that the Santa Barbara trip was back on the books! Cutie-Pie and I drove up and stayed with Miss Piggy.  What a perfect way to end summer ... two days on the beach with great weather, habanero beer, tummy-hurting laughs, a late night game of  bocci (and winning by one point -- what an upset!) and spending lounge time with my sisters. It's a big-fat blessing that I'll never take for granted.
Spicy habanero beer and onion rings. The diet always starts tomorrow, right?
It felt amazing to just BE. That is not easy for me as I error on the side of having ants in my pants ... so to speak. The peaceful weekend was like a calm before the storm of a new school year.
View from the pullino
Admittedly, last week was stressful with THE spoonful of Cheerios  and all that led up to it. You can bet that I  enjoyed every second of the blissful stagnation and relaxation in Santa Barbara.  Knowing this next week would be full of work and getting ready for school, I dove head first into doing nothing with my sisters, and loved it. Today I worked all day, Daniel is at Magic Mountain (again) and Lucas is out with friends.

Last week Lucas came to school with me and put his one good arm to work.
Here he is at my desk creating spelling packets. Thanks Lucas, for lending me A hand...literally!

I admit I'm excited for fourth grade to start. Working in the class and prepping feels like the buildup to New Years Eve. Then ... the  anticipated first day arrives and a new school year is off and running. So much hope and excitement looms in our empty class right now. Next? Just add 28 children next Monday and ... Wellah!

Just when I was about to put away my "America Cross" from July,
it landed in the classroom! The perfect home, no? 

What a drag it will be to drive Lucas to school his Junior Year. After the surgery we will have to start with a whole new four weeks of no driving. Surgery is scheduled for 6:45 Friday morning (no time for Cheerios!), but the doctor called and said he will squeeze us in on Wednesday or Thursday. Wellllll Doc, which one is it? Again, no call back. We will be ready "on the fly" to return to Santa Barbara for a not-so-fun visit. Hoping it doesn't clash with registration, orientations, shoe buying and haircuts, I realize we are at the mercy of this doctor. Being on the other side of surgery will feel good to me, and Lucas, who is still moping over missing Camp Del Corazon. He is learning responsibility the hard way.

Lui with the sisters

  When I returned home last night, Daniel was eager to show me his new surfboard . It's cool, I guess. With school starting, I honestly don't know when he'll make it to the beach. Regardless, Happy 13th Birthday to Daniel!
 Hang Ten!
And ... while at Play It Again Sports, my Teckie also bought Daniel new quad riding boots.  Let's be honest people ... There is tension in our home over the quads. Despite my boy's love of this risky sport, I say SELL THEM! Don't let the quad, make you a quad! I have been doing  research and am sick to my stomach over the amount of death and serious injury caused while riding. Lucas got off easy with a broken collarbone! I know I can't make my husband stop or force him to sell the darn things. However, the mounting medical bills over the collarbone, combined with seeing Lucas hurt and miss out on so much, will hopefully turn his heart away from the quads.
That is my prayer anyway. 

Sweet Benson  loves to swing!
 Benson is on his way over and we're off to the park while Cutie-Pie runs errands. He will be three in September! Where has the time gone?

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. 
You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  ~Amy Li
Cheers to sisters, CLINK!
That's a wrap on Santa Barbara N' Stuff.

Unicycle Rose wishes you poise, stability and cool steadiness
 as you're keeping balance in the new school year!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bite that Cancelled Surgery

While blogging this morning, Lucas showed interest in writing. I suggested he put thoughts down so he could be my guest blogger. I am going to skip to the last paragraph he wrote about his surgery, because it is crucial to what followed ...
                "I think the worst part of all of this is that I can’t eat and I’ve been hungry since I woke up around 7ish. It’s going to be a long day. Oh well. "
About an hour after he wrote this, I walked into the eating area and there he was with a big bowl of Cheerios in front of him. As I walked by, it didn't register that he was EATING!  Then it clicked.  Stopping him immediately, he said he was so hungry, he forgot about NO FOOD AFTER MIDNIGHT. He had only taken one bite, but I feared it was one bite too many.
I called the anesthesia people in disbelief. There I sat on hold, waiting to see if we could go ahead with a tablespoon of Cheerios and milk in his stomach. I slumped inside, outside and on many emotional levels when she returned with the news, "No, we are sorry." 
Some mistakes have consequences. The most painful one for the Cheerio bite is that the soonest the doctor can reschedule is next Friday, when Lucas was supposed to be at Camp Del Corazon. Now "the best week of the year" is cancelled. His reaction to this news broke my heart and made me cry also. This is a tough lesson for him to learn, but an important one in life ...
PAY ATTENTION! Lucas knew he couldn't eat, but lost focus and went on autopilot. 
I am completely depleted right now. Taking Lucas, we are heading into fourth grade to work and take  our minds off the disappointments. He keeps asking if we can spend Thanksgiving in Arizona. Something tells me he was looking forward to seeing Jenny at Camp Del Corazon next week. I must ask Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt if we can visit in November (and, how about today? I could really use an umbrella drink in their awesome pool right now).
Who knew that one bite of Cheerios could cause such frustration and heartache?

Speaking of friends ...

Wherever  we are, it is our friends that make our world.
Henry Drummond (1851-1897)

This quote reminds me what is stirring in our home.
Apparently, friends’ making up our world is nothing new …
look how long ago Old Man Henry Drummond was alive!

 When we picked up Daniel from his Youth Group camping trip yesterday, he wore red tired eyes, bed head and a slight sunburn that told me he had fun with his church friends. This group has been a blessing. He said that on the trip he met many new kids and clarified that his name is Daniel and not "Lucas’s little brother."
Unloading is never fun
Daniel brushed his teeth every night while camping. Yeah!  I asked if he showered, he answered that he went in the lake every day. Eww! There was no deodorant application at all, and he admitted, “I stink.”  Confirmed. His confidence and exhaustion level were high and he refused to shower right away just to annoy me. Or, that is how it felt. 

The stories he shared at dinner were loaded with adventure; wakeboarding, knee boarding, skiing, and tubing. His cool sense of enthusiasm sent a wave of thankfulness through me. It's a blessing to have friends who love Jesus and you at the same time.  That's right, Henry Drummond ... It is true that friends are a big part of our world.
Dinner on the patio, listening to Daniel's stories. So
happy that he is home, safe and stinky.

Speaking of friends...
Youth Group friends came over last night to "Wish Lucas Well" before his surgery.  I'm sure it meant a lot to feel their love and support. Again, it’s a blessing to have friends who love Jesus and you at the same time.  It dawned on me that since Lucas is not participating in band now, he is available to play guitar at church, attend youth group and help with the Jr. High group; all things he's stopped for the  months that regiment required. Maybe this is God's plan for him?  Perhaps I am reading too much into this?  Perhaps. Whatever.
What do I know?  I know this ...
God takes bad things and turns them into something beautiful
Being witness to this phenomenon many times over, I can depend on it. Time is all it takes to understand the bigger picture. I'll be patient to appreciate why this is happening. Let's face it, I have no choice.

 Awesome group of friends/kids
Speaking of friends ...
My sweet friend is bringing us dinner after Lucas’ surgery today. I feel awkward accepting a meal.  However, she offered and it felt right because we'll be returning home from Santa Barbara about dinner time.  Again, it’s a blessing to have friends make up our world!

Thanks ya'll for keeping Lucas in your thoughts and prayers today. All the vicoden/sleeping time ahead for Lucas,
means writing time for Nurse Unicycle Rose

Stay tuned for "Thoughts on the Sport of Quad Riding"
and other relevant topics!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

 The orthopedist FINALLY called back (three days later) and told us Lucas's collarbone  had slipped from 1cm to 1.7cm in the first week! This was not the news we were hoping for. Tomorrow at 1:30 he will be in surgery to insert a plate and screws  to straighten everything out. This will lengthen his shoulder to match the other and prevent re-fracture. I like saying  those words ... 
 PREVENT RE-FRACTURE ... that's my new hope! 
Mentally preparing
Praying for a sign from God about his school band participation, today the anwser arrived. Lucas will not be in regiment this season. There is sadness over this decision. However, I like to think that God has something much better planned for him. I have to trust that. We are still waiting to see if he can attend Camp Del Corazon next Thursday through Monday on Catalina Island. He is aching to go even if it means all he can do is stand around. He may become seriously depressed if he can't go. So, I pray he can be part of what he calls
 "The best week of the entire year." 
 As for me? This was going to be (past tense)  the weekend spent in Santa Barbara with Miss Piggy. I cancelled that, as well as my haircut and workday.  Like they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!" The "new plan" will  be spending tomorrow in an outpatient surgery center in Santa Barbara.
Not sitting on the beach in Santa Barbara.
Not drinking habanero beer in Santa Barbara.
Not riding bikes in Santa Barbara.
And, that is okay.
 What feels magnified in my heart is that this is not life-threatening. I have to remind myself of this fact.  Surgery echoes bad health memories, but I keep reminding myself that this is not open-heart surgery. Relax.
  I take a deep breath.
Say a prayer (repeat this step)
Trust surgery will go great.
Everything's gonna be all right.
 Please God.
A week from now he will feel much better, and so will I :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last minute pre-work thoughts ...

I  start my first day back at work today! Adios Summer! I am not mentally prepared, but look forward to seeing co-workers and friends. Before I dive into work mode, I'll highlight the "haps" around here.
Top x-ray was on day of accident, bottom two were taken yesterday
 Repeating Lucas's x-ray yesterday, I immediately hung up the films  for comparison when we got home. That's normal, right? The bones have  shifted and overlapped over the last week. What does that mean? I put a call into the orthopedist, as he told me to, but in true doctor fashion, he never called back. Until that call is received, no news is good news right?
After going through Lucas's fifth broken collarbone drama, I am encouraging him to consider a career in X-ray technology. Not kidding. I started doing a little research about this field to see what it is all about.
Does that look like it's healing to you?
It has been rather quiet around here without Daniel. We have been thinking about him and wondering how he did putting up a huge tent for him and four buddies to share. I look forward to hearing lots of stories when he returns tomorrow evening. Let's hope he remembered to re-apply sunscreen, deodorant, shower and brush his fangs every night. Total longshot! 
 I'll let you know how he smells.

Daniel and his buddy in the RV leaving for Lake San Antonio
As Lucas can't do much these days, it's a perfect time for him to make some money house/dog watching for neighbors. He just can't walk the crazy Schnauzer Brothers without help. That's where I came in  ...

Meet Otis and Max. These 9-year old miniature Snauzers stopped to pee on every tree, leaf and pole. My Wiener Sisters don't do THAT!  It must be a boy thing?
But wait there's more ... Otis  pooped in the middle of a driveway on the walk down; Max on a lawn. Of course we forgot to bring bags! DOH! Let's just say that Lucas is working harder than planned to earn ten bucks a day!
There was lots to celebrate over the weekend. Miss Piggy and My Teckie share close birthdays so you could say we killed Two bird-DAYS with one stone! Forgive me, you know I can't resist a pun :)
FIY: I hit the jackpot in the parenting department. Dad and Overboard can't help but be typical Italian parents! When they bring us all together we eat, laugh and play to  excess ... because were "familia" and this is what you do.  This weekend was no exception.  Both have wonderful priorities in life and as a result we are blessed and bloated :)

My cousin Nina, on right, is also know as "The Fourth Sister."
Why? Because she sort of is! It wouldn't be a get-together without her.

 My first day of work is in 40 minutes and I haven't showered yet! Can you say, "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt?"
I'm dragging my heels ... just a tad. I rather reminisce the fun weekend or go for a ride on Blanche, instead of wearing makeup and acting professional. Sadly, not today. It's back to fourth grade to prepare for twenty-nine (that's a lot!) little angels.
And, that concludes my "last minute pre-work thoughts." It's time to step into the shower, as well as a new state of mind. Whether I like it or not.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Fast Runner!

 My Teckie probably never anticipated that he would kick off his 46th Birthday with a morning run and ride with his favorite unicycle-cruising wife. Perhaps, there were other ways he would have liked to kick it off, but this is what he got! As Voltaire said, "God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well." 
And, That is how we started his Birthday! Living well!
AND .. Momma Mia, can he run fast!!!!
I worked my unicycle-tail off trying to keep up with those long legs.  I've  always wished for long legs. At 61 inches short, I accepted they would never-ever arrive.  So, I started wishing for a tall husband. Got him! Not only is he tall, fast and handsome, but solid, hard-working, smart, conscientious, funny, talented ... a blessing, in so many ways. Today he is another year older, which is the biggest blessing of all, especially when you consider the alternative!
 Tonight we celebrate ... 
Remember blowing out candles is good exercise for the lungs :)
Happy 46th Birthday!
 May God be with you today, and always. I love you!
Cheers to you, CLINK!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Thidbits

Thidbits? There was so much action last weekend with the broken collarbone, that I  didn't mention the (latest) Chicken Drama.
Last Friday while the guys were quadding, I watched Benson. As usual, we took some lettuce to the chickens and collected the eggs. What made this coop visit different was there was a dead chicken laying in the dirt with a pecked out face! And, it was one of the unique "Phyllis Dillars!' Our girls killed one of their own!  I gulped  inside  holding Benson on my hip. Then, I pointed out to Benson "That chicken is dead" collected three eggs, and exited "stage right" scooting like a chicken with it's head cut off ... or in this case, pecked off! GROSS!
Perhaps there were too many feathers in her face and Phyllis could not defend herself?
That's what Dan thinks happened.  He tried to trim  the surviving Phyllis's feather
hat with scissors. First attempt failed.
I bring this up because  today when Daniel went to  feed the chickens before leaving for the fair, there was a dead chicken in the laying box.
Two dead chickens in less than one week!
Two less beaks to feed :)
Daniel sadly bagged up the deceased chicken,  placed her in the trash, then headed to the fair. He has front row seats at a concert tonight and will attend the pig auction tomorrow morning.  Hopefully he'll be having too much fun to think about his shrinking brood.

A more upbeat Thidbit?
Our dinner at the beach was a mini-mini--staycation!

Last night we had dinner with friends renting a beach house on Faria beach. THANKS GUYS! It was in THE PERFECT location and Daniel surfed while we sipped mojitos. I had never seen him surf before and I was impressed. Especially since he didn't have a wetsuit! He's my polar bear.
Unicycles and surfboards ... It's all about balance!
As for a Lucas Thidbit? The body is such an amazing machine, being able to heal like it does. It's just a slow machine!  Loads of sitting around, watching movies and spending time with Lucas while he mends is "the haps" around here. This time together is an unexpected gift.
BIG Thanks to Pal Marcus for stopping by and
  keeping up our empty egg carton supply ... every week!
What would we do without Marcus?
Why not end these Thursday Thidbits with a smile?
 Here's a 'lil sumthin sumthin' from The Best Joke Book Ever:

TEACHER: Marie, give me a sentence starting with "I."
MARIE: I is ...
TEACHER: No, no Marie ... Always say "I am."
MARIE: All right. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.
 Tee, hee hee!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Before leaving for the orthopedic doctor this morning, I held Lucas's X-ray up to the window to take a picture... SNAP! EEEEOOOWCH!
"Quads and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me."
It goes something like that, right?
After this visual, I get it, he is in true broken-bone pain! Thankfully, it doesn't appear that  he needs surgery and we will re-x-ray next week to be sure. I am thankful for no surgery, but am bummed that he can't drive for four weeks, or participate in band for six weeks! I still have to help him shower and know that I must cancel my camping trip to Lake San Antonio. Daniel will leave without me this Sunday. He is very excited!
As for Lucas? All he can do is lay around and heal.
 He really needs a shower, it has been three days! That will be this evenings project. The doctor gave us more Vicoden, and for this I am thankful. Only problem is he is sleeping so much! Sleep probably isn't such a bad thing for him right now. In a day or so, we will only let him have the strong drugs at night.
For now, I am going to treasure the time I have with him. He was driving the last two weeks and he was never around. It's like he was gone, because he was! With his driver's license he seemed all grown up and independent. With one bad jump on the quad, landing with a broken bone, my little boy has returned! We will make the best of it and THANK GOD that it's not open-heart surgery!!!
Thanks ya'll for the prayers!
God is good :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Break #5

(I know this is a long post. Sorry.
It's sort of venting more than anything)

Yesterday I packed up my boys for quadding then I took a camera on my unicycle ride. Every time someone waved or said something to me, I took their picture!  Are you wondering what "The view from a unicycle" looks like?  I hope to supply answers and share with you my scenic ride photos. However, I will put that post "on hold" to relay the drama that overshadowed everything. And, it seems this drama may creep its way into the coming weeks and months.
Too early to tell.
The view from a unicycle
In a nut shell? Lucas took a jump going too fast, hit a rock, and flew off his quad (five feet in air according to eye witness Daniel) landing on his side and briefly losing consciousness! 
Wait! Before I go further, let it be known that I do NOT like my guys riding quads. Never have, never will. They're too risky and many serious injuries are caused by them. In my view, some health problems can be avoided and some cannot  ...  like congenital heart defects, for example.  I say, "Why invite chances of injury into life via risky sports?" My husband is a DUDE and  has a different take on this subject.
This was taken before they left yesterday.
 Look at his beautiful unbroken collar bone!
So, back to the story ... Lucas "comes to" from his flying fall and is in awful pain.  Long story short, the California City Urgent Care was closed (they arrived at almost 6PM). Although in pain, Lucas popped Aleve and made the two hour drive home, hurting every mile of the way.  Then, my husband and he headed to the local Emergency Room.
Four hours later ...
He broke his collar bone ... again. What is freakishly fascinating is that this is his Fifth Broken Collar Bone in sixteen years on Planet Earth! Yes, fifth! His  first break kicked off this bad trend when squeezing all 9.6 pounds of his big-baby-self out the shoot. I won't go into detail how he broke it on times 2,3 and 4. Not one is a good memory.
This taken in his Pillow Palace before he awoke this morning
When they returned from the ER, Lucas just wanted to sleep. I am sure the vicoden helped. I cut off his shirt with some scissors. He was filthy from a day of riding in the dirt. That was the least of  our worries, so I propped him up,  as best I could, with ten pillows. Creating a comfortable position did not come easy, and he was grumpy. My husband left to find a 24-hour pharmacy in town and learned that one does not exist. My lifesaver of a Dad had some vicoden and delivered it at 11PM. What a blessing THAT was!
What makes Break #5 different is that Lucas  needs to follow up with an orthopedic doctor to see if surgery is needed. Usually, we'd brace or sling him and after six weeks of no activity, he'd be better. But, this time he has a "tent" break. His bones are sticking out of him like a teeny tee pee! This type of break often needs surgery of screws and plates for proper healing. This was more serious. I flipped.
This morning I showered him, like he was three all over again. But this time? He was much bigger, hairier, fragile and kept his undies on. I gently scrubbed the caked-on dirt in open sores that desperately needed washing. Not to mention, his entire body tinged with brown dust and was begging for soap and water.
Thank goodness for pain killers!
This Break #5 experience brings back a flood of bad memories from his past heart, stomach and diaphragm surgeries. I know this Break #5 "is NOT open-heart surgery" but it digs up frightening past health memories. AND ... this injury could have TOTALLY been avoided. Don't get me started.

There is much "up in the air" and being the worry wart that I am, my brain will not shut up with all the unknowns;
1. Can he drive anytime soon? Probably not. Back to being his chauffeur.
2. Can he participate in Regiment Band? Probably not, he plays the drums.
3. What if he does need surgery?  I read the risk/complications involved and wanted to cry.
4. How will he carry his back pack around campus?
5. What about the upcoming camp on Catalina Island?

A nagging thought I have, is to sell those dangerous toys! My husband is NOT on board. If Lucas does need surgery, perhaps he'll rethink it all.   If you are a prayer person, please pray for healing,  and that my husband will  change his mind about this father-son sport. Lastly, please pray for Break #5 to be THE LAST chapter in Lucas's broken collar bone saga.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Quads, Puns and Hawaiians

What do quads, puns and Hawaiians have in common?
Unicycle Rose!
It's a Furlough Friday and my guys went quad riding in California City.
Ironic, that the day my Teckie doesn't work and actually loses money, he gains extra time
with his sons who are more valuable than ANY dollar amount ... Priceless!
Gianna and Leilia: AKA, The Hawaiians

This will end the "Pun Section."
 No, don't lose heart!
It's time to move on "Witty Observations"
(after today)

 Two boll weevils grew up in Alabama. One went to Hollywood and became a famous actor. The other stayed behind in the cotton fields and never amounted to much. The second one naturally, became known as the lesser of two weevils.
A pencil could be made with erasers at both ends ... but what would be the point?
There's nothing like the first horseback ride to make a person feel better off.
 (I really had to think about that one to "get it")
It's hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Cousin Nina was dog sitting...
 Don't be fooled by Charlie the Chihuahua. He is a monster, a cold-blooded attack dog!
This swollen rat bit my little sister, Cutie-Pie ...on the leg ... through her jeans, broke the skin.
Bad Rat!
Did I mention our Hawaiian cousins visited California? We were away on the road when they arrived. Thankfully, we were able to spend some time with them before they left the "mainland."
Benson and Lucas put on their goggles.
When you are two, this is fun!
Leilia and Cutie-Pie (pre-bite photo) sport matching shirts.
Whether you are ten, or thirty-eight ...THIS is fun!
We took a night swim at Larryland
 Aloha and T.G.I.F!