Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is Canyoneering?

Family Bonding
Today's experience has been nothing like any other. Oddly enough, each day has outdone the one before and we never expected it, or saw it coming. Ending this adventure with a Canyoneering experience was the underscore of the week. At least, for my boys.They are planning their next
visit to Zion and are high as kites, or rocks. Whichever, I will be at the spa next trip!
 Honestly, my feet hurt from pushing the limits. Today, I repelled an 85 foot rock. Do you know how big that is? I didn't realize how extreme it was until I hoisted my can over the side of that rock and looked down. Waaaaay down. YIKES!

Daniel's first repel ever! He did great.
My Teckie REALLY pushed his limits. In this picture, Lucas is
belaying him as he slowly makes his way 85 feet down. Belay ...
our new word for the day!
 I never imagined we would do anything like this. My tired body is telling me to  share what The Zion Adventure Company's website says about this new American "sport." The pictures from today can illustrate  this for you, 
 and fill in the blanks!
This is John our AWESOMELY patient guide. Happy Birthday to John!
It was a blessing having him share all his knowledge and talent with us.
We highly recommend The Zion Adventure Company, AKA: ZAC
This is off their website ...

"In Europe, canyoneering or “canyoning” is an intense sport, well known as the latest "extreme game." Here, in the mecca of canyoneering, extremists have been descending Zion’s "Secret Canyons" for nearly 100 years. Just now, canyoneering is hitting the mainstream in the United States.
The water in the "slots" was the part I liked least. It smelled horrible. The special
socks and shoes they loaned us were soggy afterward and stayed that way
for hours.  I couldn't wait to head back
for a shower.
Canyoneering refers to travel through or occupation of a steep narrow area requiring the use of a variety of wilderness techniques. It is transforming. It reaches in and brings out the child in all of us as it combines all levels of exploration: hiking, splashing through streams, scrambling over boulders, problem solving with peers, and rappelling through waterfalls into cold pools.

Lucas "clicked" with canyoneering and was REALLY good at it.
Long, lean and all muscle this kid was Spider Boy!
Canyoneering is the fastest growing sport in Zion National Park, with hundreds of people making their way through the labyrinth of slots the Park offers. Some canyons are easy to descend and require no special skills at all; others require wilderness-level planning and training and offer immense physical and mental challenges. Whatever your state of readiness, there is a canyon in the desert awaiting you."
 Can you say "a lil' sore?"
There is a funny store behind this picture of us heading back up to where the
Zion Adventure Company car was. 
It was 99 degrees and we were running out of
juice. We will save the story for another time. Let's just say that the three
of us are my husband's "anchor" in more ways than one!
 All these pics don't do the experience justice. Imagine the size of this experience times ten. That should do it!
Lunchtime! Thank goodness my Teckie took a walk last night and picked us up some
water, granola and sandwiches!
Yes! Lots of knots with special names were learned today. I can't
recall one. There were so many and the boys loved to learn about them!
 There are many details that are worth sharing, but they will have to wait. Oh, and I only took 200 pictures. I couldn't help it.  I think you get the "gist" of it, as my family would say :) 
We all want/need some dinner and our beds look like an "oasis in the desert" to these weary travelers!
Tomorrow we're homeward bound!

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