Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thurdsay Thidbits

I have seen many bloggers post "Friday Fragments," and always liked the random writing style. Therefore, I have created "Thursday Thidbits" (not tidbits, because keeping "TH's" in the title appealed to me) . I know, it sounds like you have a lisp when you say "Thursday Thidbits."
Try it.
Thee what I mean? It's thorta fun :)
Now for some Thidbits ... 
Can I get an "AMEN?"

 This is the souvenir I picked up in a Zion gift shop. It is the perfect prayer FOR ME!  Hanging this plaque up in my room will be a good reminder to stay close to God and hold my tongue. The latter part is a struggle, that's what makes this prayer fit like a sock in my mouth!

Another Thidbit? Zona the scorpion died yesterday. We had just moved him to a bigger jar and picked out rocks and wood for landscape. He never got to enjoy his new place... and that's okay with everyone around here. The novelty had worn off, but our  travels with Zona are good memories. 
My Teckie was safely delivered to the Los Angeles Airport yesterday morning. The traffic was horrible. I hate L.A, there's not an ounce of "city girl" in me.  Anxiety looms when I zoom down that Sepulveda Pass. Or shall I say crawl in traffic? How do people live there? I  already dread the drive back down to that armpit next week!
Get your facts straight Unicycle Rose!
I stand corrected! The birthday photo on my previous post was from Miss Piggy's 8th Birthday.  Want some more thidbits from that day, 39 years ago? Overboard made her an "8" cake created from two rounds cakes frosted together. The purple monkey's name was Banana. I'm standing on the right  wishing I had a purple monkey named Banana.
Final thidbit, tomorrow is Magic Mountain ... again. Those year passes need their exercise! The upside? Daniel and Lucas LOVE it! For me it's concentrated friend talking time. I don't ride rollercoasters anymore. We shepherd a small herd of boys from one ride to the next while chatting.
The downside? It's Magic Mountain.

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