Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thumbs Up

The hairy, casual man giving Lucas his driving test looked like Jerry Garcia. He perusaled Lucas's' paperwork then said he shared the same birthdate as my son. Things were off to a good start.

He asked Lucas to start the car and told me it was time to "leave the vehicle."  Thankful that we prayed together before the driving test, I noticed Lucas's shaking hand as he placed the keys into the ignition. They drove away, leaving me there to pray more while trying to maintain a regular breathing pattern. There was almost disbelief this moment in time had actually landed. 

Fifteen minutes later, Rex (Lucas named his car) pulled back in. Jerry Garcia and Lucas talked for a minute then the doors opened. Holding my hand close to me, I put my thumb up, then down, as I watched Lucas walk toward me.  Coolly, he offered a subtle thumbs up.

My regular breathing pattern resumed as we walked inside to finish paperwork. Standing at the counter, I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his sticky-wet-shirt back. Those must have been the most stressful fifteen minutes of his sixteen-year life!

He drove back home and dropped me off. I took some deep, deep breathes as he backed up and out of our cul-de-sac. Daniel asked me if I was going to cry.

"No, just hyperventilate."

Praying the rest of the day, I remembered how God uses the stressful times in life to draw us in to depend on him. I'm no longer sitting shotgun while Lucas practices driving. But God is. All I can do now is pray for his safety and good judgment while Rex and he navigate the road together.

Thumbs up to our new driver!

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