Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Last Leg of our Adventure

The Last (road trip) Supper
Our final night in Zion was a pleasant one. After scrubbing off the red rock dust, sweat and gross canyon water from the days extreme adventure, we ate dinner at Oscar's Caf√©. This was the recommendation from John, our canyoneering guide, who's a Springdale local. After an amazing dinner we walked around town looking into the shops and many art galleries. There sure are a variety of rocks for sale and Indian souvenirs, like jade jewelry and dream catchers.  The Zion area is an inspirational hub for all sorts of artists. Every other store sells,  photographs, pottery, paintings or metal garden whirlybirds that were ridiculously expensive. Like thousands of dollars! We all wondered out loud, "Who buys that sort of thing?"

Art is truly in the eyes of the beholder. These  whirlybirds are neat, but is one worth $2300?
You decide.
 Of course, it started to rain while we moseyed around. There was a storm every night of our Utah visit and we were used to it. Back at the Zion Motel the boys laughed, irritated and slapped each other, but like the storms, we were used to that too.

So long, Room 105! More on that motel later ...

This morning all we had to do was pack up and drive back to Southern California. It was then I realized we would be driving through Las Vegas on a Sunday about 12:30. What horrible planning on my part. Traffic was horrible! We crawled through Vegas and spent the next hour driving no faster than 10 MPH.  Even after getting past the worst of it, we hit  patches of Sunday Vegas traffic that I didn't anticipate. Our seven hour drive stretched into almost nine hours.
 Nothing is ever perfect! Right?

No more Navajo Public Radio for us!

Of course, we were all antsy to get home ...  especially to love on The Wiener Sisters,  have our own beds and three full bathrooms! What a blessing THAT is. I was anxious to see how much my plants had grown and my husband has a full day of work to prepare for tomorrow. Poor thing. The last two hours, the kids were beyond bored, and Daniel took to making up silly songs. My husband told him how awesome the songs were ... that they were so special he should keep them to himself  :)
 The two hour delay in our arrival home was a sweet reminder that

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