Monday, July 8, 2013


Are you wondering how Lucas’s driving test went? Well, it didn’t.
It was a big-fat flop caused by my mistake.

My oversight, blunder, error, blooper, muddle, slip-up … whatever you call it, happened weeks ago when I scheduled Lucas’s Driver's License Test on-line. Thinking I had completed the appointment procedure,  he drove me to the DMV today (after some practice) only to discover his name was not on “The List.”  Apparently, I had not completed (what seemed like) all 12 steps to schedule a Driving Test appointment on-line. And,  I was lacking a confirmation number to prove it. D'OH!
I never did like that place.
It’s now referred to as the “DMB,” because it is such a dumb, crowded, difficult place to navigate, especially on-line. Realizing I blew it, I felt bad for my disappointed son.
Taking full responsibility for the mistake, I apologized and attempted to make it right by loading him up with his favorite fast food; a Carl's Jr. Double Bacon Cheeseburger. It helped ease the frustration and let down that filled the car that I was now driving home with my tail tucked between my legs. I reminded him to keep perspective “This was not open heart-surgery,” and “It will work out in the end.” After the burgers, we took Daniel to buy another chicken from the feed store to give the pecked-on chick a buddy.
We have an appointment mid-week to boogie through the driver’s license dance again.  This Wednesday when I enter the DMB I will have the confirmation number (valid proof of an existing appointment) tattooed on my arm.  The rest will be up to him.

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