Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spoiled in The Zone

Why is leaving home and tossing oneself into a new place so relaxing? Maybe because Debbie makes it so comfortable, with delicious meals and endless hospitality? Shazam!  That’s it!  I don’t want to leave. I cringe  at the thought of loading back into our Honda tomorrow morn for five hours to The Grand  Canyon. Bright and early we leave this gorgeous home to see the biggest hole on Earth (Did you know that the Grand Canyon is considered the Seventh Wonder of the World?) The Best Western that awaits us will never measure up! We’ve been spoiled.

Thank you Matt and Debbie for making it all happen

Yesterday's search for fireworks was a bust, they came home with Starbucks, guitar strings and new books. Not an explosive to be found, and although disappointed, the show must go on. They bounced back with a long swim with Joey. I couldn’t be happier they missed out on the dynamite; too dangerous. Remember that I’m  a wart of worry?

Last night Debbie’s BFF, Riley, and her husband, Jeff, came over.  Dinner was nothing short of amazing and it was nice to get to know their dear friends. 
Riley, Debbie and me
This morning Lucas’s Camp Del Corazon friend “Sweet Jenny” and her parents picked up Lucas to attend church with them. They are off to the skating rink, which does sound pleasantly cold. After that, we are taking Daniel to meet up with them at the mall for a movie and hang out time. It’s fun to have family and friends that live in Gilbert, Arizona.
It was wonderful visiting with the Berrens family
It’s time to put on my suit, mix an umbrella drink and park my can under the pool umbrella. Even if it is 101 degrees out, you won’t hear me complaining. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else :0)  

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