Friday, July 19, 2013

On the Road Again

Westward Ho!
Filing  up our Honda with gas, and our bellies with Carl's Junior, we are back on the open road. Saying "adios" to Moab at 10AM  we now have just over 2 hours, 20 minutes left before we arrive in Spingdale, Utah.   Tomorrow is our  Canyoneering trip with The Zion Adventure Company. I'm not 100% sure what it entails, but they give you special shoes, technical equipment, and a guide. He leads you on hikes through canyons where you repel  down huge rocks. Yes, more big rocks. I also read that you learn how to tie different knots, which I have zero interest in learning.

Zona Lives ON! It's a fuzzy picture, but he is in there!
 Can you believe that our scorpion from Phoenix is still alive? He is in the smallest of jars and a rock was put inside for landscape, but we fear it could kill him if we aren't careful.  We  can't remove the rock  because we don't want to get stung. It's a catch 22! Our trip mascot, Zona,  has survived on a diet of one spider and  one ant thus far.  Every morning we wake up and think he's dead, but he is squirming those ugly pincers by late afternoon. I think I remember Debbie telling us that scorpions hide out during day and come active at night. That's our Zona!
Watching a movie to pass the hours
 Last night, at the top of Delicate Arch Lucas  said, "I think I have done my exercise for the year." I laughed. That's "so Lucas." Unlike  our Daniel who begs to climb mountains and  will need to have his  survival knife and camel back surgically removed. Daniel can't get enough of the outdoors , while Lucas is "chill" with one earbud in.  He texts his friends  and is lining up band practice when we return. So sixteen. Lucas drove a few days ago and became "tired." I think he lasted 20 minutes, tops.

Jus another rest stop ...
The thing about this traveling style is that it's "Family Constant." By that I mean, the four of us, all with different personalities, are trapped  in a car for hours. And Travel Pants are not for sale yet:) We share adventures during the days and all sleep in one room by night. We negotiate one bath room that at least two need to use at the same time. There isn't a break from one another, unless it's your turn to shower or "use the can." This past week has been family bonding at its finest.

We finally made it! This place REALLY makes me miss Debbie and Matt's house!

Weeping Rock in Zion National Park. It was a foliage covered cave rock that was
weeping constant drips of "tears."
My Teckie's  driving and spitting his Jalapeño Hot Sunflower seeds into a cup while raindrops fall on our dirty windshield. I'm sitting shotgun, trying to watch him drive, biting my tongue. The speed limit is 80, it's pounding down rain, and Daniel needs to use the bathroom.  Only 1 hour and 20 minutes until Springdale...
Can you believe it? Lucas ran into a band friend from Westlake High School in Zion.
Meet Jordan...
Talk about a small world!
Lucas keeping sharp by reading the Book of Mormon in German.
 Six hours later...
As you can tell, we arrived. We hit the park via shuttle for a couple hours, but honestly we were spent. Still,  we found time to bicker and laugh.It was beautiful with much more greenery than other places. Like a garden with more huge rocks peering down at you, like a mother to a small child. A highlight was Lucas's friend recognizing him while they sat next to each other on a park shuttle bench. They were in Winter Drum Line together. Jordan on Saxophone, Lucas on guitar. Heck, it is a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!

Zion is a quaint touristy town and we are right in the middle of it. We hit the candy store next to our motel after dinner. The diet starts on Tuesday, right?

Until next time ... but wait, there's  more!

P.S. Two last thoughts:
1.Thanks Mom for loaning me your Tevas! I have put some miles on them. You ROCK! (get it?)
2. I miss the Weiner Sisters!

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