Sunday, July 7, 2013

Keep. Trying.

I knew it?
The wiring harness doesn't work!
Here I am, relaxing Sunday night in front of the 'boob tube' watching 60 Minutes braless (irony?) while my Teckie replaces the ice maker in our freezer (second time in a year). He just announced that the part delivered included the wrong "wiring harness" ... again!  Huh?

In my world those two words would never meet. In his vocabulary, they are, technically, friends.

My Teckie is relentless when it comes to fixing things. Isn't that an engineer for you? When this guy isn't hacking away C++ code or enforcing telemetry policies at "The Base," he is yawning in meetings, practicing guitar, quadding, replacing a sprinkler ... OR, he is fixing things around our house. And, some stuff actually needs fixing! He knows that he can always make things work "better" and this is what worries me.  The word "retrofit" is thrown around here like a toddler with a fistful of spaghetti.

It's  interesting to watch my husband because I birthed from a family where "The Dad" tossed out all directions/instructions first thing after ripping open a box of anything brand new. You see, my Dad was blind to those RED BOLD words on the box side "Read directions thoroughly before operating."

However, my  Teckie saves all boxes and this has worked in our favor when we had to return an item made in China. The "problem" he discovered (after hours of trial and error) ended in his accepting  that the new item's glitch had nothing to do with his fixing abilities. It was truly "flawed."

Having a man around that is happy to tackle the job of repairing things without cursing, paper clips, or welding is appreciated and greatly admired. Even when he can't repair it the first "go around."

Or second.

Or third.

My Teckie?
He. Keeps. Trying.
And, I love it ;0)

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