Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Empty Nest. Tweet, tweet!

I'm sitting on the couch, sharing an after dinner candy cigarette with Daniel. Not kidding.

Today, I've  been thinking about many things while doing my Teckie's laundry and running errands for  him. I'm helping prepare for his trip to Kentucky. Tomorrow he leaves for a week with his Momma. He is happy to go and can't wait to see her,  sleep in, and help with house projects.  We will miss him, but I love that we are " modeling" for our sons how to treat your mother. Especially since my father-in-law passed. If I were her, I imagine how awesome it would be to have Lucas or Daniel show up at my place across the country.  It's a hope of mine, that one day, they will come spend one-on-one time with their Momma who  loves them!  Hopefully they will grow up thinking "that is what you do." 
Baby Teckie and his Momma, many, many moons ago. So sweet!
Again, modeling the behavior is all I can do right now, as they slowly slip away. (Insert dramatic pause here)

Lucas passed his driving test two days before we left on our road trip. I had no clue what it meant for our family.
 He took a walk with me this morning and then he vanished until I asked he come home for a last supper with the family before his Dad leaves for Kentucky.

Today Daniel was at the beach all day. Surfing is his new thing. It was just me and the Wiener Sisters barking at the squirrels (I wasn't barking) running along the fence outside, while I folded clothes.  Glamorous, huh?
It was an "empty nest" day for me.

Although Teckie will be gone and boys don't need me much, I will
watch my niece-dog, Cinco, starting Friday. At least my "empty nest" will be full of fur and tails! Woof!
Flashback: Miss Piggy's 10th Birthday? I think it was her 10th that she got that purple monkey.
To her left is Cousin Gianna whom I look forward to seeing this Sunday :)
Today is Miss Piggy's Birthday and I 
look forward to celebrating with her soon.
 Cheers to Miss Piggy, CLINK!

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