Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full Throttle

 Lucas and Ty grabbed the front Full Throttle seats ... Crazy!
This summer Six Flags Magic Mountain went Full Throttle with another world-record coaster; the tallest, fasting looping roller coaster in the world. This unique-one-of-a-kind triple launch coaster takes the coaster experience to a new level with a world-record 160-foot loop ... plus a zero to 70 miles-per hour acceleration on two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground tunnel.
It gave me vertigo to just watch this thing!

We were only in Magic Mountain about 30 minutes, and then rain started to fall. The kids were in line for the new ride "Full Throttle" and spent 20 minutes of the hour wait, when they closed the ride. What a bummer! Due to the short downpour many of the big attractions closed.
Kids have an endless supply of enthusiasm; despite the heat and lines

 Staying positive, we made our way through the park, holding the kids "stuff" while they waited. There was a lot of sitting around time for us Moms, which is just the way I like it!
My favorite ride at Magic Mountain. Rock sitting :)
Before long, the rain dried up and the rides reopened. Everyone was able to ride what they wanted, making the day a success. The part I liked best is that this is the LAST time I plan on going to Magic Mountain this year. My husband actually enjoys all the rides, but he was unable to go the last two trips. I was the lucky one to schlep around in the heat, buying churros and holding soda cups and hats.

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