Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Off to Moab

Finishing breakfast, we are packing up and heading to Moab, Utah. If all goes well, we should be there in about six hours.

Packing up is a stinker
Once there we have to check in at Adrift Adventures right outside Arches National Park. Tomorrow morning we are taking a rafting trip down Westwater Canyon ... "A serene solitude surrounded by red sandstone spires." Along the way we will experience the fast and furious rapids such as Funnel Falls, Last Chance, The Steps and the infamous Skull Rapid. I don't care for the name of that last rapid. Not one bit. It should be a highly exciting raft trip down the Colorado River.

The number of people allowed to run the Westwater Canyon is strictly regulated, therefore, keeping the number of  people on the river to a very small amount. This will allow for a better chance of seeing wildlife and just experiencing the true remoteness of the Weswater Canyon.

I'm a bit nervous about all this, along with the fact  there is a chance of thunderstorms, but feel better knowing that we will be wearing Coast Guard approved life jackets as we ride down the Level 3 and 4 rapids. All we can do is hang on. Tight. And we are off! Until, next time .... Peace, Love and Keep the Balance!

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