Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Every Picture, Slip Sliding Away, Tells A Story

Westwater Canyon
"Slip Sliding Away" (by  Paul Simon) and  "Every picture tells a story, don't  it?" (by Rod Stewart) are the songs that popped into my mind when I looked through these photos for the first time. I spent time worrying about which song was the best suited title for this post, and realized time was short. I have little and so you get both. Lucky.

Talk about feeling SMALL in this world! This was taken at the very beginning of the day
There were many tremendous facts and highlights that I wanted to share in this post. Like the route that we traveled for over an hour to reach  the Colorado River was rated the second most scenic  highway by National Geographic in 2002. 
Who won the first most beautiful scenic drive? It was the PCH or Highway One along the California Coast. We drive along this highway regularly as it is a few miles from our home. Daniel doesn't realize how beautiful a place he lives in, because he was stumped how the red rock ridges, with funky rock formations would not place first. He is in love with Utah! Go Utah!
 Ay yi yi! 
This is Alex, our nomad-young guide, who lives in his van. He
was awesome! He worked his arms off roaring us 17 miles today!
You really bond with someone after eleven hours on the
river together! My parting words to him were to call his mother and take a shower ;0)
  "Every picture tells a story, don't it?" Enjoy these pics of our day "Slip Sliding Away."
My Teckie bucketing out the water from the raft after some huge rapids. And, there was ALOT!
Breathtaking scenery along the way. The water is ruddy from the storm the night before.
We spent an hour watching lightening last night. Better than any fireworks show I've ever seen. It is
monsoon season here right now! God
does some amazing work.
Soaking in the river along the way for a much needed cool down.

 We have been up since 5AM California time. Exhausted and tired fit the mood around here.  A pizza will be delivered to Room 119 at the Aarchway Inn in a couple minutes. Tomorrow is a new day to make our way through Arches National Park on our own two feet. No oars needed! We are supposed to leave early to hike before it gets too hot out there. I am not sure that it going to happen.

We all felt this way on the bus ride home!
Thanks for keeping up with our adventure!
P.S. The scorpion from Arizona is still alive! We fed IT a spider and IT immediately stung it and ate her up. ZONA, as Daniel has named IT, lives on.

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