Friday, July 19, 2013

Delicate Arch

Heeve Ho, up we go!
Thinking last night’s hike would be an after dinner walk proved wrong. What I thought was a .3  mile hike was really 3 miles. Just like they teach you in elementary school math, where you place the decimal can make all the difference. My old eyes read it wrong and I was left wishing I skipped the wine before going. Because not only was it 3.2 miles, to be exact, but it was all UP trails and huge slick rock. The elevation change of 500 feet climbing up was challenging. 
Almost there
 Once arriving at Wolfe Ranch parking area, we begin our journey... me with "wine head" and Lucas with a true headache. We trailed behind Daniel and my teckie who were giddy with dripping sweat, testosterone and excitement.  “Baby Steps” is what I kept saying out loud to encourage Lucas and I to keep one foot in front of the other.  There were many cairns (hike-speak for pile of rocks) that reminded us we were headed the right way. When we got closer the trail became a rock ledge for about 200 yards. It was thrilling and scary.

When I finally did make that final turn to see the Delicate Arch, I was in awe.  God’s artistry and creativity went all out on this one. I sat and soaked it in while the kids and Teckie got a closer look. They were dwarfed by the enormous size and resembled ants scurrying around a piece of sweet food.  The sun was setting and opposite that lighting danced in the sky behind Delicate Arch.
Daniel is the speck under the arch
Fun Fact: I recently learned that this Arch that is on the Utah license plate and a state symbol.
Side of Arch
Coming down the trail, the debate was on if rafting or this very hike was the trip favorite so far.  Dark clouds were looming and the scattered lightening moving closer. About the middle of our descent  drops of rain, turned to showers and people were running down around us to escape the thunder and lightning that was pushing closer. We all loved this amazing weather change that left us wet and hurrying to the car. However rainy it was to our left, the sun was about set on our right and the sky was puffy pink-ish and beautiful.
The Sunset Side

While driving out of the park we saw the start of a rainbow that over the next five minutes grew to a huge blurry rainbow, as it was behind the falling rain, but catching the last of the sun. We had to pull over to photograph and gawk at the miraculous full rainbow before us. Not to be corny, but at that moment I felt blessing. Like God was in this slice of time, there with us.  
The Rainbow Side

The rest of the night was nothing compared to what we had just witnessed. Showers and three loads of laundry later we were fast asleep. It was a full day and one that we will never forget.
Running to beat the thunder
Zion here we come! 

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