Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arches, Spires and Rocks, Oh My!

Balanced Rock ... That's the name of this gem, my fav!
Lunch in hand. Eat Fresh!
We didn't pull  into Arches National Park until 11AM. With the exception of my Teckie, we were moving like molasses in Alaska.  Laying in bed sounded awesome, but we had sights to see. Picking up Subway sandwiches  to eat in the park, we drove five minutes to the entrance and watched a short movie at the Visitors Center. This film explained how Arches was formed. I wish I could relay the process that led to the unbelievable scenery, but I can't. What my inner geologist did take away was that is has to do with what wind, water and millions of years can create.
Stock photo :)
Pictures don't do these goliath rock formations justice
Look Carefully. At the bottom left of arch is Tiny
Daniel standing with his arms reaching up.
Did you know that today new arches are being formed and old ones destroyed? This place is art in motion, but moving at snail speed. To date there are over 2,000 catalogued arch ranges here.
Landscape Arch
What I did like about this place was that most of it was seen by driving in our air-conditioned car. The average temperature this time of year is 100 degrees, so I guess you could say we were "lucky" that when we did hit the trails it was only 89 degrees!

Teeny Us Trailing  through Devil's Garden.
The two mile trail in  Devils Garden to get to Landscape Arch (measuring 306 feet base to base; it's the biggest) was worth every step. The kids and I killed time by making a point to say hello to everyone we passed. The game was to first decide if the oncoming people were Non-American, or American based on looks, clothing, accessories, hair, etc. We would take turns to say "hello" or "how ya doin?"  and depending on how they said "hello" back gave us the final answer. You can tell so much about a person by that one word! It was a an entertaining game that killed time and we laughed alot. Win, win!

There is one Arch we did not see because we are saving it for sunset tonight. Delicate Arch is a popular place to catch a killer sunset, and the hike to it is 1/3 of a mile. So really, it's just an after dinner walk with God's beautiful artwork for dessert.
Lucas and Daniel are those specs on the bottom left
For now we are back at the hotel resting, well, the kids are swimming at the moment. In a few hours we will head back to the worlds greatest densities of natural arches. And ,tomorrow? It's pack up time to head five hours down to Zion. Back to the open road ... This week is going by way too fast!

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