Friday, July 26, 2013

21,120 Feet

I rode Blanche four miles yesterday.  And , I did the same the day before we left on our road trip, weeks ago. Neither time was easy. Usually, riding my unicycle many miles is awesome because I "check out" mentally and don't have to "think about balance." It's natural and easy. I  get lost in music and absorb all the gorgeous scenery and life I pass by.

Let's be real.

Today, riding my single-wheeler was a true balance challenge. I rode with my Teva's  for the first time and couldn't tell if it was those non-athletic shoes, my tire needing air, or my body NOT being physically "unicycle fit" that made those 21,120 feet (the conversion of miles to feet. Thanks fourth grade math!) down-right hard.

 Or .... was it the combination of  all three?

And ... does it REALLY matter? I worked hard for EVERY ONE of those 21,120 feet!! That's what matters.

It was not easy.

Staying centered was difficult because my left side of my body has lost strength. Most of the ride I had to tuck my left arm behind my back to make me keep my shoulders straight. I felt like a butler. Otherwise, I would veer right like a car with the tires out of alignment.

As for goals, and everybody needs them, it's time for a 5k or 10K. My eyes are peeled for something in our area to train for.  And hopefully, something before school starts back up. Because with school comes work, and with work comes less time. For now, I will push myself to ride my four-mile loop at least a couple times a week so I can get my "unicycle body" back in alignment!

Soon ...  cruising 21,120 feet on Blanche won't even phase me. That's my hope :)

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